A Tokin' Appearance By Bush Twins?

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  1. By Rush & Molly
    Source: New York Daily News

    Memo to the Bush twins: The next time you hang out with a cute Hollywood actor, pick someone more discreet than Ashton Kutcher. Barbara and Jenna Bush, 21, are the subject of three paragraphs in the next Rolling Stone that they better hope their father, the commander-in-chief, doesn't read.
    Kutcher, 25, recounts how he met the First Daughters at a Los Angeles party a year and a half ago. A friend drew his attention to one of the Presidettes with a lustful (and unprintable) remark that drew glares from their Secret Service agents.

    Kutcher thereupon introduced himself to the ladies, who asked what he was doing after the party. Everyone ended up back at Kutcher's place, though the host asked the Secret Service to stay outside.

    No wonder.

    "The Bushes were underage-drinking at my house," Kutcher tells interviewer Gavin Edwards. Stepping outside at one point, Kutcher recalls that "one of the Secret Service guys asked me if [the twins would] be spending the night."

    Fortunately, Mr. President, the star of "That '70s Show" said, "No."

    But that's the end of the good news.

    Kutcher continues, "And then I go upstairs to see another friend and I can smell the green wafting out under his door. I open the door, and there he is, smoking out the Bush twins on his hookah."

    The star of the upcoming "Seriously, Dude, Where's My Car?" says he thinks the Secret Service has been tapping his phone ever since.

    The actor has lately found success with "Punk'd," an MTV show in which he plays practical jokes on celebrities. He says he'd like to "punk" President Bush by sending Saddam Hussein doubles to the White House.

    A Bush spokeswoman returned a call but had no immediate comment.

    Note: Ashton Kutcher tells Rolling Stone he can 'carry on a meaningful conversation about world events.' So that explains the party with Jenna and Barbara Bush.


    Complete Article: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/col/story/81536p-74682c.html

    Newshawk: Nicholas Thimmesch - http://www.norml.org/
    Source: New York Daily News (NY)
    Published: May 7, 2002
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  2. hehehe.

    hahahaha! that shall forever be etched into my mind.

    i'll bet if Bush and the mainstream media get hold of this the twins will be in "rehab" faster than you can say Woody Harleson.

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