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A Tokers Guide to Stealth: Advanced Techniques, Tips, and Rules.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThatCaliSun, May 27, 2010.

  1. #1 ThatCaliSun, May 27, 2010
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    Hello everybody :wave:I'm new to posting but I've been around lurking for a few years. Please enjoy this guide and stay safe, smart, and stealthy :smoking:


    1. Never carry smelly weed uncontained around your parents.
    2. Never carry weed in a big in a container in an obvious location. Never have the bag in your front pockets because when you move the bag makes a ruffle sound. Never keep in the same pocket as your cellphone
    3. Never keep in a container in a small place. The container will bulge. EX) Pill bottle in a pocket, or a jar in a small bag.

    1. A small jar is your best friend. Any kind of small jar with a RUBBER seal will do you wonders. It not only keeps your fresh weed, conceals the smell pretty much 100%. Keep it in a backpack or bag.
    2. If you dont not have a rubber sealed jar, just use a regular one. These will work, but not to the performance of a rubber air tight seal.
    3. No jars? Pill bottles. Some people say these 100% conceal the smell, but I dont agree. It will help conceal the smell a lot though.
    4. Baggies. These are tricky son of a bitches. These should be last resort. Some people say multi-bagging works..but if you have some smelly dank, it wont. Its not resonable to just keep rebagging 50 times..invest in a jar. This is last resort.

    1. Emergency: If you some how have to hide weed really quickly....try putting your weed in one small baggie, and put it under the sole in your shoe and continue wearing it. Your sock and foot should help mask and cover some of the smell. It's not the best, and should be used as emergency only.
    2. Try wrapping a few shirts around your bag or container. Every small thing you can do ADDS UP.


    1. Important: You should never risk your education by bringing weed onto campus. I believe you SHOULD NOT bring weed to school. However, I know a lot of you will.
    2. Never tell anyone. Not even your bestfriends. You dont not want snitches hearing you talking about how you have weed on you.
    3. Use smart containment(see above section)
    4. Never be high at school and have Paraphernalia on you. If you want to go to class high..get rid of your stuff before class.
    5. Use below tehcniques from the Stealth after Smoking section

    1. See above section for containment ideas

    1. Arrive on time if you are high, dont walk in blazed 5-10 minutes late.
    2. Be CHILL. They can only expect that your high/have weed on you if you give them a reason to. Dont be extra loud..dont sit their laughing at everything.
    3. If your going to zone out out of boredness...nonchalantly look down and zone out/draw.



    1. Important: Never smoke or handle weed in your room if it smells like pure skunk. It's almost impossible to cover up dank smelling weed in such a small place.
    2. Have proper ventilation. You MUST have a window to blaze in your room.
    3. Smoke so that you have atleast 30 minutes before someone else comes into your room.
    4. Never smoke joints/blunts in your room.
    5. Blow ALL the smoke out the window.

    1. Important: Never just start using a technique. If you just one night have a fan on and your window open, it looks pretty suspicious. Start using the following tecnniques weeks before you plan to smoke so it just appears normal of you.
    2. Use a sploof ( It works GREAT.
    3. Blow all your smoke out the window
    4. Set up a fan and sit in between it and the window and have it blowing out the window.

    1. Cover your cherry on your bowl with a quater so the cherry smoke doesnt get into the air.

    -This part is rules and techniques to use during smoking to prepare for AFTER

    1. Never use to much body raises suspicion.

    1. Blow smoke away from shirt and skin. Your shirt espically soaks in that smokey smell.
    2. Keep handling weed with your fingers to a minimum.
    3. Important: Avoid touching burnt weed, ashes, and resin with your finger. Burnt weed or resin will stain your fingers with that resiny smell and it is very hard to conceal.

    -The following are listed techniques in order of importance. Important: Use as many of these techniques as possible.

    1. Get the smell of your clothing. A technique that I use is to always carry 2 shirts. During smoking wear a shirt...and after your done smoking, remove your shirt and replace with the clean non smelly one.
    2. Eye drops. This is just as important as anything else.
    3. Lightly spray the tip of your fingers with spray and rub your fingers around and together. This will help conceal the smell on your fingers.
    4. Eat a piece of gum or some sort of food after smoking to cover the smell in your mouth.

    Originally Posted by samson531
    when using a sandwich bag, or any other non ziplock bag you can
    -put bud in corner of bag
    -pull bag inside out, around the bagged bud
    -repeat until no bag left

    comes undone easily, is quick to bag up, and masks almost all odor

    Thanks a lot everybody. I hope this helps you guys in a world with such twisted views to such a gorgeous plant. Stay high blades ;) - TCS
  2. I keep my weed in film canisters, and they work pretty awesome, and aren't too suspicious.
  3. when using a sandwich bag, or any other non ziplock bag you can
    -put bud in corner of bag
    -pull bag inside out, around the bagged bud
    -repeat until no bag left

    comes undone easily, is quick to bag up, and masks almost all odor
  4. great little guide!

    a tip i like to give out when you plan on smoking in your house or dorm room is: pack one hitters, this way you can take one rip and clear all the smoke out at once, then no need to worry about cherry smoke leaking out!!!!

    some might find it a little tedious compared to packing a nice fat bowl buttttttt, when you have to be sneaky you must take the precautions!!!!!

    happy toking!
  5. I dont really worry about hiding stuff from my parents anymore cuz im just not at that age where it matters, but essentials in my car after a blazing sesh are;
    1. spray - old spice after hours, for my girl ;)
    2. hand sanitizer or some type of lotion (very important, getting it off your hands is essential)
    3. Rotos (or other drops, i just think rotos are refreshing)
    4. Usuallly different clothes depending on the situation
    5. MOUTHWASH (cops can tell if you've been smoking by looking at your gums)

    other than that you should be good... ive been smoking for over 4 years and i have never had any trouble with the law or the 'rents!
  6. Nice, those are all good tips :wave:
  7. I'm glad you took the time to do this man, but there are other threads like this and most of this i feel is common sense.

    Some people might of not seen the other threads so this could be an eye opener.
  8. Its just a little something to help nothing big thanks though blade on the eye opener comment :D
  9. Here's what I always do:

    1. I make sure the house is completely empty
    1.5. I open my window
    2. I take my bong out and fill it, then bring it back to my room.
    2.5. I put a towel under my door.
    3. I pack my bowl
    4. The first few hits I blow smoke through my sploof into my room.
    5. I sit on my bed by the window and blow all smoke through the window and keep my bong by the window.
    6. After I'm done, I spray down my room with febreeze, and leave my window open for a few hours.
  10. When I came home from rehab, I was in deep shit if I was caught smoking. It was the only time I really cared to hide it from my parents. I would smoke in a hoodie that I would always take off when I got home. spray never fooled my parents, but I would always spray myself before putting on my smoking hoodie, which seemed to keep the smoke smell from penetrating. Eyedrops always help, especially if your really fuckin blazed, but the most important thing is keeping your eyes open, not bug-eyed but eyes squinted is a sure sign.
  11. would be alot easier if you just went outside.

    and this thread has ben made 10,000,000 times. no new info here just common sense. sorry to disappoint you.
  12. Nice. learned a couple of new things
  13. I always:
    1.) eye drops go in before the first hit is taken, my eyes don't seem to clear up after smoking anymore. if the drops are in first, they stay white.
    2.) wear a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up so my hair can stay out of the smell as much as possible. take it off and change your shirt if you feel the need to.
    3.) hand sanitizer.
    4.) axe, just a little.
    5.) once back to a safe location, or anywhere with a restroom, wash hands and face, just around the mouth and the bottom of my nose. water in my eyes makes them red for some reason.
    6.) brush teeth, use mouthwash, a piece of gum, and i'm ready to go back to work!
  14. @ OP

    Even if you helped only one person who hasn't seen other threads. That was one person that was not busted. +rep for taking the time to do this. good job.
  15. Excactly. :smoke:
  16. Tip of the day: If ever smoking before school, try get gum to get the smell outta your mouth. ATLEAST eat a bite of something and chew it around, or a sip of some kind of drink. My friend got busted today for having weed on his breath and he got a 5 day suspension and lost his ability to walk.

  17. So what's he in a wheelchair now???

    Naw, I know. Good post! + rep


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