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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by jeffersoncohen7, May 28, 2009.

  1. When buying gourmet cheese, you want to shop at a place that has a large selection and knows about cheese; especially if you want some special cheese to go with a certain kind of wine or special meal. You can find a good selection of cheese in a gourmet cheese store.
  2. What a genius! He knows stoners are incapable ofnot loving cheese! buahahaha this thread really made my night by fucking far.:hello:
  3. stoners and dogs, I caught one of my old dogs with the cheese trail technique
  4. I'm afraid to click on that link
  5. I like nacho cheese on my nachos. And provolone cheese on my turkey sandwiches. But my favorite all time cheese is pepperjack.
  6. I like muenster cheese, provologne on meatball subs is awesome, American cheese for burgers, cheddar for nachos, parmasean for my pasta, mozzarella for my mini pizzas, gouda for my crackers, and swiss for my sandwichez. Werdd

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