A tiny bud - how long to dry & how much smoke

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by MissMMonroe, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. 744C0E85-CB92-4220-8B46-C947C2012CAB.jpeg 60E71AE8-D532-4B78-B947-74702728337A.jpeg Hi just wondering how long buds take to dry out and also how much this teeny bud will provide? I’m thinking it probably won’t even be enough for one small joint once it’s all dried out and ground up? (I know it’s on my hand but I haven’t touched the buds with my fingers and it’s for personal medicinal use) Thanks
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  2. Lol is that sarcasm/irony because my question is kinda like “how long’s a piece of string” ?? I was hoping the pictures would give SOME kinda idea to the size of it and how much it would make once it’s all dried out. So for arguments sake can we guesstimate it terms of half a joint/small joint/fat joint etc?
  3. You can probably get a decent size joint out of it.

    Let it dry for at least five days. Seven would be better.
    But it's thin and wispy now, so it'll be even more airy
    than it is now after drying.
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  4. I know it’s a tiny bit lol there are more but I’m just going off that one to get a rough idea. Thank you!
  5. You will have enough for a joint.
  6. Either a small joint or medium size bowl after it is dried and cured.

    As for drying its anybody's guess as humidity and temp is important.

    Maybe a few days of drying and few days of cure?
  7. Is that an entire plant?
  8. Cut it away from stem let it dry a couple three days. A little less than a gram

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  9. Yeah cut the stem off it and it will dry quicker. Week tops even with that stem attatched. If it is just a sampler I'd pull it off the stem and give it a 3-4 day dry, maybe more.

    I'm sure I could roll one joint with it, or pack two small bowls.

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