A thread for people who hate Christmas

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  1. Are you one of the many people in the world for whom the holidays are purely a spectator sport?

    Sick of being delayed everywhere by throngs of assholes who are just out buying chinese garbage to give to one another in an insincere gesture of caring?

    Fed up with the traffic and the mail being slow?

    Irritated by everyone all of a sudden pretending to care about you for a few minutes before going back to their own selfish, and even destructive pursuits?

    Can't stand those fucking salvation army people ringing bells all god damned day?

    Come here to this thread to describe the harsh reality of the holidays.

    Rose tinted glasses prohibited.
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    grinch only thread!
  3. God damn man

    I agree with you to a certain extent but why be all negative and un happy.

    Just make the best of it unless you like being miserable lol

  4. Presents or gtfo.
  5. My Christmases are always pretty grim. Living with my parents, so I wake up to a shirt or two. Then we have to collect my Uncle (who is the weirdest man you can imagine, house stinks of piss, and we only see him ONCE a year, so its awkward as fuck), then we get my Grandma who is the grumpiest old woman on the planet. We all gather at my other Grandma's house and sit quietly waiting for the dinner to cook, then eat in silence. Then we depart. And I can't get out of it because my Mum would be really hurt by it, soooo....

    It gets good 8-9pm onward. Drink with the girl, sexy-time, jointy-time, bed-time. Argghhhh, Christmas is depressing.
    GrinchPac in the house bitches!!!!
  6. I eat with no one.

  7. Need a hug, dawg?:(
  8. No thank you.
  9. At first i thought this said " thread for people who hate christ" and im like wow dude...im athiest but i dont hate christians, but seriously why would u hate christmas
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    You poor bastard, I love my family, about to go see them now actually. ( and by love I mean I actually enjoy their company)

    Christmas is a business, a secular holiday which people pretend has any meaning beyond rampant consumerism.

    Doesn't mean it cant be fun!
  11. meh I dont really care either way, I get some cash, usually blow it on shit I've been needing forever. I'm a quiet guy so I eat in silence, make some small talk if I have to, correct the idiotic statements of family members(although they never listen), go home and fall into a food coma. this year however I plan to be drunk while I'm at my uncle's so maybe it wont be so bad unless I get an earful for being drunk.
  12. Pretty disappointed so far. If you don't hate xmas then you can't understand.
  13. OP if I were you I would treat myself to a good Christmas. Get a nice glass of wine/bud by yourself somethin you have been wanting and chill. It's only deppressing if you view it that way. I hope you get out of your funk even if you will be alone.
  14. I drink fresh home brewed beer every day and I've got 2 strains of oil, 2 strains of bubble hash, and 4 strains of weed here. This is what my life is like every day. There's not much I can do in the way of intoxicants to have a "special day", because I consume that way every day and have for a long time. I probably smoke more before I leave my house in the afternoons than most people smoke in 2 or 3 days.

    You know what I do to have a good xmas? I sleep all day. Or I come in and out on the couch. Maybe if people try and come over here...I'll leave and drive around in the car for a while.
  15. Man I wish I could help you. Sending positive vibes your way.
  16. do some unmentionables?
  17. Another thing that pisses me off is the TV schedules are all fucked up. Specials here, specials there, screwing up my normal habits. :mad:

    To me, "the holidays" are one day: December 25. The 24th and 26th are just normal days for me.

    On Xmas I go to my sister's, the entire family is there (we all love each other and get along great), the only gifts I take is wine for my sis and munchies, we sit around and pig out on turkey dinner, laughing and joking around. I thoroughly enjoy this day, but nothing else about "the holidays."

    Someday that will all change, so take it while you can. My parents have been dead for over 10 years and we all miss them. My sisters and I are now the oldest generation in my family (I'm the youngest at 62). Time waits for no one. :(

  18. Nah, I normally have a good time with the rest of my family, it's just those two tend to make the atmosphere awkward. Out of my entire life I've only seen my uncle 19 times so when he comes we just never speak, and my Grandma.. I love her and all, but she snaps for the littlest of things and makes sly digs at my Mum all the time. Plus, I have social anxiety... that + akwardness = baaaaddddd

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