A thought while high..

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by vcrs, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. So I was in the dark waiting for a poptart in the toaster after blazing and I noticed that my inner dialogue sounded louder. Maybe to word it differently, I was hearing my thoughts to be louder.

    lol a little bit of my new pickup today got me pretty ripped today.

  2. word yo. i know how this is. it's like you think you are going crazy but you are really just listening to your inner self more. thats what marley was talking about in one of his songs.
  3. I hear you. It's nice when that inner voice is nice and loud and clear and entertaining.

    Some days i'm dissapointed at myself, so I don't even want to hear my inner dialog; on these days all it does is tell me how disappointing i am. These days seem to drag on forever and make me want to change everything in my life.

    When I'm in that state, I try to realize that if I put a smile on my face, and then work myself into a happy mood, soon my inner dialog will pick up too. And if I can keep myself in a happy mood for long enough, soon I will have all sorts of interesting things to think about. :)

  4. if your life is that disappointing why dont you follow your heart and change as you wish to? :) sometimes its not easy to do but the reward never fails to be beautiful

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