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A thought regarding The Gateway Theory (warning: kind of long)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HeaDiEs RusH, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. *I don't know if this idea has already been brought up before (it's not unlikely that somebody has thought of this before me), but this is something that just popped into my head and I decided to share it.*

    Many people on this site would agree that the Gateway Theory is a grossly over exaggerated issue that lacks any significant evidence to date and was invented for the sole purpose of keeping cannabis illegal. Many people on this site would also agree that the only possible reason why cannabis could ever be a gateway drug (if such a thing exists) is from it's currently illegal status. I've seen that same argument brought up many, many times in documentaries, news prints, and just about any pro-legalization website that I've ever visited. From what I recall, the reasoning is that using any illegal drug exposes the user to the black drug market, therefore the user becomes more likely to be introduced to other illegal drugs.

    Now, I don't disagree with that reasoning at all, but I an interesting thought popped into my head today that pushes that argument a little bit further. It suddenly occurred to me that a significant factor contributing to the use of other drugs may be a direct result of the lies we have all been told about cannabis addiction.

    Many people, including marijuana many users, believe that cannabis holds the potential to carry a "real" addiction. While it is undeniable that smoking cannabis every day can be very enjoyable and many people smoke cannabis habitually, a habitual cannabis user is not experiencing a "serious" addiction. If somebody has been smoking cannabis for 6 months straight and then decides to quit today, they might experience headaches, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, or sleep disturbances. However, these symptoms are relatively mild when compared to some of the serious withdrawal symptoms of many other drugs including caffeine and tobacco.

    Due to prohibition and the War of Drugs, many people have been told stories or have heard of studies that expose the "horrors of cannabis addiction." Not surprisingly, people who begin to use cannabis for the first time, especially young kids, may continue to smoke the substance for an extended period of time without much consequence. They might notice that they don't feel as hungry or upbeat when their sober, but it's not unbearable in the slightest. It short, they may realize that cannabis isn't all that addictive.

    After this realization, the problem can then arise when the user begins to question the dangers and addictive qualities of other illegal substances. The more fortunate and astute user may take of advantage of all that the internet has to offer and educate themselves on the actual researched risks of using various substances. However, others may take the more direct approach and simply begin experimenting. Someone who experiments with the wrong drugs may eventually find a drug that they now really like and then rest is history. Thus, for them, cannabis became a "gateway drug."

    What are your thoughts on this, Blades? This theory certainly supports the notion that education is key to a more sensible drug policy.
  2. That is very plausible, I guess it wouldn't just be one factor that could be seen as the cause of the 'Gateway Drug' name but a combination of all the factors including this one and others like how some dealers might push other, harder drugs onto people.
  3. What I find really funny is that they call marijuana a "gateway" drug and a "hard" drug when in reality there is a big line between the two, if you go from a hard drug to a hard drug I doubt anyone would call that a gateway. I only would see it as a gateway if it was a "soft" drug and you move up from there.
    That being said, cocaine would actually be the gateway drug since (I believe) it is schedule 2 drug. So cocaine a schedule 2 drug should take you to marijuana a schedule 1 drug.
  4. That's pretty amusing I never thought of that before. Marijuana's a hard drug, but it makes you go on to use hard drugs. Oh wait...
  5. Plausible but subjective. I think different people have different desires of the feeling they want when they are high. The majority of pot smokers do not want to get any more intoxicated than what marijuana will allow. There are other 'personalities' (for a lack of a better term) that want to get more intoxicated than pot allows, therefore they need something different. I know most people who use amphetemines(speed) like the feeling of being able to accomplish anything. Almost everybody I've had experience with who have used drugs other than pot for intoxication, it was a decision to get a 'bigger' rush or high, perhaps they(we) wanted a more mind bending experience at that time. I think the worst offender as a gateway drug are prescription medications stolen out of parents medicine cabinet. The concept that pot is a 'gateway drug' probably comes from the fact that those who use other substances probably smoked pot or smoke pot also. If pot did not exist, we would use something else, ie K-2 or Spice.Mankind is very adept at finding things to get high from.
  6. ^^ exactly what above poster is my life. I just love what so many other drugs have to offer and how they make me feel and how cheap then can be for how long they last.
  7. Lol, stoned moment, thought this thread read "global warming theory" and was going to comment saying that global warming is cyclical and repeats every couple thousand years because of varying solar temperatures.

    Oh and OP, nice avatar. Love Pretty lights ;)

  8. That's a good point and I think it actually goes right along with what I was saying. When I first decided that I wanted to get a "better" high than what cannabis had to offer, I began researching other kinds of drugs that people have used. I found that there was still a pretty consistent lack of acceptance for drugs like cocaine, heroin, and speed, but I also discovered that psychedelics aren't nearly as harmful as I had always been told. So, while I did decide to try psychedelics, it never became a problem because I wasn't going to become addicted. I was lucky though because somebody's flawed logic and lack of research can lead them to try the wrong drugs when seeking a different high, which may eventually destroy their life. In my opinion, a drug can only be considered a "gateway drug" is it leads to user to try more dangerous and addictive substances, not just substances in general.
  9. Luckily i research everything because i enjoy learning. :cool:
  10. i don't think its a gateway drug. not having enough self control is why people do those hard drugs.
  11. [quote name='"monstaro"']Lol, stoned moment, thought this thread read "global warming theory" and was going to comment saying that global warming is cyclical and repeats every couple thousand years because of varying solar temperatures.

    Oh and OP, nice avatar. Love Pretty lights ;)[/quote]

    If you posted about global warming i wouldve repped you for a great laugh
  12. i blame the idiots who believe the fuckin theory and all other marijuana propoganda
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    The people who are going to take drugs will. Simple as that. Sure it might draw in some people who maybe wouldn't have discovered drugs earlier but they would have eventually.

    If the gateway theory is true I would rather have people start with marijuana then alcohol tho.

    Marijuana--->mushrooms--->L---->DMT----->my brain is so spun out

    Bad comparision and this post might not make sense but that's what wakenbake will do lol
  14. one theory i quite like is that certain people are prediposed to experiment (theres been some research saying the higher a persons IQ, the more likely they are to experiment with drugs) which means that they are drawn to narcotics naturally. whereas the people who arnt predisposed will stick to legal things like drinking and tobacco, if weed was legal more "normal" people would try it and would reduce any evidence of a gateway theory.

    and with the internet people can research what ever it is they are going to take and are far more aware of the risks involved.

    almost everybody i know has tried mushrooms and weed because they are "natural", and stay away from any chemically made drugs due to not knowing what exactly it is.
  15. I guess another way to put it OP:

    There was an article that stated "New super kush found in streets of suburbs... blah blah blah..." "This upgraded form of MJ with super high levels of THC can be just as powerful as cocaine"

    Well I've smoked some super bud in my life, never done any other illegal substances, but why they fuck not? If "Super Kush" is worse than cocaine, I might as well try cocaine, right? B/C from personal experience I know that there isn't "bad" associated with my MJ use.
  16. #16 Zagubadu, Dec 3, 2011
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    Marijuana is grouped in with meth, and cocaine and other hard drugs as far as our legal system is concerned. I forget what class drug it is considered but I remember hearing this.

    But seriously an idea would be this. We all quit weed then start snorting coke. Then we start smoking weed instead and quit the coke. Thus this is a reverse gateway theory and weed gets legalized as a way to quit COCAAAINE!
  17. A gate is only a gate if you walk thru it, otherwise it's just part of the fencing.
  18. Weed is a gateway to the fridge :smoke:
  19. I've always thought this as well. Whenever I'm having a discussion about the gateway drug (and why I think such a thing, if it exists, is due to its illegality) I always bring what you said up. Absolutely right.
  20. Just because a heroin addict smokes or smoked marijuana does not mean MJ was a gateway. In fact this world is full of hardcore drug addicts that also smoke MJ. But its also full of hardcore MJ smokers who never touched a hard drug or even alcohol or cigarettes for that matter. And also full of hard drug addicts that never touched MJ.

    It comes down to politics quite often. It helps society see MJ as something that we need to keep under control or else all hell will break loose. Its the individual persons choice or their personality that lets them venture on to hard drugs or alcoholism, not the weed.

    Kinda like leaving the sunroof open in your car and blaming the rain for your wet seats.

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