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  1. If lifetime warranties on stuff are so “lifetime,” what happens when the first person owning something with a lifetime warranty dies and gives the said thing with a lifetime warranty to another person. Does the lifetime warranty then transfer to the second person and the cycle could go on for like.. until infinity?

    I'm soooooo baked right now. Took a 2 month t-break + blue dream + MFLB = completely and utter fuzzy feeling bliss.

    God I love the feel of my fingers right now.

    I wish everyone could be like this kind of high forever. We wouldn't start wars or anything 'cause all we would do is stare at each 'cause we all look funny and stuff.
  2. lol
    1. grats on reaching an intense level of high
    2. u gotta be baked to think of this shit, but i guess the answer is no, the warranty does not apply
  3. what if its a double life warranty?
  4. Lifetime warranty.

    It last the whole time of your life.
  5. well that puts a screeching end to this thread.
  6. what if technology creates immortality for the rich, are these companys expected to constantly replace these appliances?!:confused:
  7. They'll change it to a 72 year warranty ^
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys :p Haha All are appreciated.

  9. [​IMG]
  10. I think it might be a fraud...

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