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  1. if enough ehlls are borns then isnt there edenvautally par paradise somewhere?
  2. Have you ever been in a situation, where you feel like you're in hell? Like going through a divorce... a death of your loved ones... a deadly disease... a financial crisis... etc...

    I mean, it's HELL. Needles poking all over your body. Stomach acid melting you from the inside. Head spinning so fast you want to throw up. Heart beating so hard it erupts from your chest. Your lungs.... burning with hot air... I mean it's HELL!!!!!!

    Then, when you've sorted out your problem, it's gone.

    You feel like it's worth living again, and if things get better, you might even think you're in heaven.

    Life is like that all the time. One day, you're in hell, the next day, you're floating above the clouds.........
  3. THIS life that you're living in... right now... at this moment, is hell.

    It's hell because it is inevitable that you're going to die.

    But if you manage to stay alive even after your death, or manage to die while you're still alive, then this life is not hell anymore.

    But it won't be heaven either.

    It's just life.
  4. I strongly believe if Jesus is your savior and you believe in god and you at least schedule prayer in your daily life, there will be eternal life after death with all of your loved ones. Its never to late to put prayer in your life. This small gap called "life" is a test god is giving us.
  5. I think it'd be hell if we didn't die?
    Enjoy the beauty while it lasts, remember it's all in your head.

    You choose to perceive it the way you want to, you can change it to a heaven if you'd like. I, personally, prefer neither. This is because if you identify something as heaven, then that means somethings must be hell. I'd rather just not go through all that mumble jumble and live my life simply.
  6. quoted for truth.
  7. No shred of evidence against it either man.. the real truth is... no one fuckin knows for sure, becuase the people who know arent here to tell us.

    Also, if there is no afterlife then there is no "Hell". And to say that an experience that is as divine as life (consciousness) and love is Hell is just representative of bitterness in your life.. if im missing something that you meant to say, let me know, but i definitely feel you sometimes, but thinking back to this always makes me feel better


    Be more appreciative of your life. Freedom to consume amazing food and amazing intoxicants that make you feel AMAZING. your in a life where you have a computer, food on your table, you have clean water, while there is people starving to death with no food living in unsanitary conditions!!! be happy for what you fucking have you unworthy ungrateful motherfuckers.
  9. Wow, what a lovely fairy tale about how we never die. Its really a shame there's no evidence for it.

    It amazes me on how people are so afraid of the idea that once you die its the same thing as before you're born. Nothingness. Yes this is the only life we get but its pretty amazing while its going on, and shouldn't that be enough?

    I'm not saying I know what happens when we die but it will forever be unknown to mankind. So I see no need to just make things up.
  10. Damn thats a true and scary thought man. Death is gonna be exactly like before you were born. Ha! When I say "I wish i was never born" Im essentially saying I wish I was dead! Same fucking thing, death just had bad connotations

    So now I know how death is gonna be.. well i guess i wont be scared once Im gone then. The more scary part is getting old and feeble when your just waiting for death.

  11. You better get to work on achieving godhead then. Your body is just a vessel in which to advance the soul, once you advance the soul to godhead, there isn't a need to reincarnate anymore and you can stay in the astral forever if you so desire.

    I don't necessarily think that the world we live in is hell. Perhaps it is for alot of us, but what about the people who have vast wealth, and everything always seems to work out in their favor, and their almost always happy. How is that hell?

    I had a thought when I was a teenage atheist questioning god and the unknown. My thought was that depending how you live this life, your next life will either be great, terrible or somewhere in between depending on how righteous your life was in the previous life. Doesn't it say this in the Tibetan Book of the Dead? I've never read the entire book of the dead, I only read the version that was a Timothy Leary book, I believe it was in "The Psychedelic Experience".
  12. We're all star dust...nothing more. The result of an incalculable number of supernovae and celestial occurrences.

    Religion is there to make people feel better which I understand, it's just the complete refusal to logic which aggravates me...

    puff, puff, pass away...
  13. Can you provide any proof of what you just said? And by proof, I mean something empirical.

    I'm not trying to be offensive, but your beliefs are delusional. There really is no difference between what you believe, and a flying spaghetti monster.
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy8Rnn95iDw]YouTube - Heaven's Here On Earth - Tracy Chapman[/ame]

    I wonder what planet she's from...
  15. Amen.
  16. Heaven and hell are nothing but a state of mind.......
  17. I hate when people take christianity/islam and put the ignorance of it into every other religion. My "religion" actually emphasizes, it's the key principle of it, to think for yourself, to question everything (even your own religous beliefs), and to do all you can to progress and advance your mind, through both meditation as well as learning in an academic sense, whether it's physics or science or ecology, anything you could learn about in a college or that theirs information and facts about. It's absolutely nothing like the dark aged belief's of christianity that were made to hold humanity back from it's true potential.

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