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  1. Here's how it is.

    Hell is not a place you goto after you die, Hell is NOW.

    We're born into hell.

    And we keep getting born into hell over and over and over again, until you realize there's no point in keep getting born again and again, so you cease to exist.

    Life's sucks. Then we die.

    Regardless to what is said here today, after 20 years, I'll be that much older, and my bones will be that much weaker.

    And as sure as the sun rises in the morning, there's gonna be a day when I don't.

    I'll be dead.

    And I'll be born again.....

    Back into this world...

    May be as a grass...

    May be a bird?

    And I will go through the endless cycle of birth, and death,

    until I realize that one thing that I haven't realized.

    Then I'll cease to exist in this crazy world that is, for the lack of better description, I'll just call it HELL.

    Because that will be the only sensible thing left to do.

    Cease to exist.
  2. finally someone know what hell is. were already in hell im not trying to get out of it but maybe when i go ill realize theres other things out there conciousness and beings maybe ill be something robotic

  3. i like this a lot.

    today i was thinking that people over think heaven and hell. people think hell is down-and if you look down, you see your own feel. hell is in the evils of this world. now, if a person looks up, they see the sky; perhaps these are the real heavens- within the infinitely vast universe.

    and another thought- so much of the bible is metaphorical, maybe many of its writers were actually aware of reincarnation. maybe they knew if the people of todays world were aware of reincarnation we would waste away and never progress. idk..
  4. All I know is that after I die, I don't want to come back here again. I at least want to live in the astral realms. That way I can make my own reality.
  5. Aside from the reincarnation, this sounds very Dark Ages Theist.
  6. An interesting post, Ggrass.

    I've shared similar beliefs in the past and I understand where you're coming from, where some would view this as the pessimists view of the Universe you view it as the beauty of nature, the beauty of life. Sometimes I find myself being pulled back into this strange Grey area of thinking and I enjoy the odd calm that comes with it.

    When I was in your position I furthered my view of the Universe by reading as many spiritual texts as I could find. One that stood out more than any other is the 'Bardo Thodol', better know in Western culture as 'The Tibetan Book of The Dead'. It draws on very similar ancient Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife and death in general and while I do not personally subscribe to any one faith, religious belief or group, I found this book to be very fulfilling.

    I maintain, friend, that this is one mans opinion and only you can take the journey that so few take. The journey into your own consciousness and the evaluation of your spiritual life. Only you can decide what opinions you take into consideration, what people you listen to, what books you read and what religion you subscribe to and I hope my words of experience have helped you in some way.

    If you, alternatively, decide to remain in this state of thinking I hope you continue to value that which you have now, to value the ever growing life surrounding you, to value your mind and to respect the values and opinions of those around you. There is nothing wrong with living this way, if anything it is the simpler way of life and allows you so much more time to love life rather than analyze it.

    As I continue to say: "If you live with your head in the past, you won't see what lies ahead, if you live with your head in the future, you won't cherish what you have today and that is the greatest loss of all."

    I wish you luck and good energy on your journey, friend. I hope my opinion has been of some help to you. Take care.

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  7. i would hardly call a place as beautiful as this hell.
    sure, there's all kinds of evil and corruption in the world. but that's just humans.
    there is A LOT of overlooked beauty all around us. we're here to experience it and appreciate it.
    maybe we keep coming back until we've experienced all there is to experience, and can then move on to greater things
  8. Aw, a poor misfit looking for consilation and confirmation. How cute.

    Life must be rough, what with all the hell references.

    Good luck, I'm sure you find a way to self-destruct. It seems as that is what you want.

    It can't be that hard, there are people on the streets everywhere that have managed it nearly without trying.

    Just grow up, get over your shit and play on your strenghts. Don't try to be a fucking victim, try to be responsible for your own fate.

    At worst you can fail. Which is better than doing shit.
  9. im sure alot of people dont understand what ur conveying and confusing it with negativity...i LOL'd, cause im quite a cynic myself. not many realists in this world :]

  10. Hey, Zylark dude, I need to rant. Give it a rest, will ya?

  11. Thanks man... A lot of people suggest me to read spiritual book coz I look so stressed. Your book sound really interesting. Book of the dead. I'll read it when I have the chance. Thanks for your kind thoughts, you didn't waste it man... Peace...
  12. We waste away anyway...

    Even the people who don't believe in reincarnation waste their lives away.
    Just the same as people who do believe in reincarnation.
  13. Robotic?
  14. its kant my friend GG
    Sawdee krup

  15. GG have ya missed me over @ natons
  16. Alright GG, so you're saying the life we're living now is some kind of limbo we won't escape unless we realize the one thing we haven't realized?

    I can dig it.

    Maybe we have to keep our body's from getting chemically broken down and reused by the world. That or realize that it's just a ride.
  17. Sometimes I truly feel like I was a horrible person in a past life because I sure am paying for it now.

    Or maybe I am simply exaggerating my misfortunes and they are only the trivial tests that we all go through,or may be punishments for my misdeeds in this life.

    I do not consider myself to be worthy of a heaven but I also feel like going to a supposed eternal sufferment after this life is not only overkill but profoundly unjustified.

    I only hope after this life I can find all the things I did not in this life,or else my whole existence was absolutely pointless and without merit.Just another poor soul put here to take up space with no other predetermined purpouse or destiny.

    If only I could learn the truth today,so I may end this cruel experiment on my own terms.
  18. Sounds like a suicide letter lol, But i feel ya, I must have been a bad person also, but who knows maybe we have to go threw all ends of the spectrum.... If life is ruff now because we were a bad person wont a ruff life turn you into a MONSTER/BAD PERSON
  19. There is no afterlife..
    Not a shred of evidence of it..
    Absolutely nothing..
    Your born..
    You die..
    Make the most of your life..
    Live in the now..
  20. Holy shit!

    How did you...... Nice to see you here, Kant! Didn't know you smoked. :D

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