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  1. So I undstand that you need to heat weed to turn THC-A into high-creating THC, which is a process that starts to happen at tempratures around 240F.
    Now I also understand there are various types of THC within weed that vaporize at different tempratures with vaping starting around 330F, 350F, and then 370F for the various types of THC with the higher psychoactive effects coming from the THC in the 370F area.
    So my theory is that if you keep your vaped weed at a temp of about 350F you can increase the potency of the THC that doesn't vaprorize until 370F+ which would make the leftover weed still smokable, and even better for making butter or oil.
    Is this correct? If not why am i wrong?

  2. How would it increase the potency if you're vaporizing off more volatile cannabinoids at temperatures under 350 degrees?  Sure, the prevalence of less volatile cannabinoids (ones that vaporize at above 350) will be in your cannabis, but as a whole the cannabis will be less potent due to the vaporizing of more volatile cannabinoids.  
    Because it's difficult to find solid evidence for a lot of this and there's a lot of misinformation when it comes to weed and vaporization and I can't find anything solid on how much THC is left over. I've seen claims of amounts as high as 20%-60%+ of THC being left over. Then on the other hand I came across a guy who measured THC levels through various tempratures with decarboxylation and the THC-A to THC conversion was very high.
    So basically what I'm saying is I believe you can get way more out of your weed by vaping at around 350F and then using the leftovers for edibles or smoking. I'm not trying to imply that vaping will give you stronger weed, but that vaping at that temprature will give you left over weed that will give you more of a high from edibles or smoking than it would from just vaping at that extra 20-30 degree temprature.
  4. Yes... to all. I think. I have a PAX, I get a nice buzz at all temps. And I can get three sessions out of it with each (thanks Sammy)..and I get a little buzz if I roll and smoke the ABV... I have been told to save it for edibles, and it will bebe a much better buzz than smoking. And I believe that source as they are speaking from experience.
    Seems like it all matches up then, I just wish I had some way to measure THC levels in vaped weed for myself so I could end all this uncertainty when it comes to ABV and how to get the most out of it.
    One thing that I'm majorly curious about is if it's better to straight vape your weed, or if you can get more out of it by heating it to 250F for a while before vaping at higher temperatures,
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    look man. I get fuckin stoned off vaping my bud and way more stoned off the abv edibles. I use the Lotus so I dont know the exact temp. What im trying to say is that at the end of the day, all these calculations and shit are too muchmaybe not everyone agrees with me but thats just my 2c
    I feel ya man but for some of us the calculations and stuff are fun.
  8. actually I kinda feel that way too. Ive looked at weed with my math eye for some time until I realized the efficiency from it is very minute. a gram would last me me a sesh more at most, which is too small for me to care about

    I feel like im being negative so imma just go, toke on bro
    Oh, then yes, I would say that I agree.
    When I vape, I don't know what temperature it is, I usually just vape my herb until its dark brown, although I do see a few green specks in it every now and then.  I'll use my avb for all kinds of stuff, although I have let it pile up lately and have about 5oz of the stuff last time I checked.  Made some great qwiso with only a quarter of it, tasted piney when I dabbed it off a titanium nail. 
  10. Yes. I have a pax and use it on the middle heat setting. I vape until my bud is dark brown and save everything in a mason jar. When I have a lot I make oil to make brownies.

    My question now is this...does anyone have a certain amount of AVB that they like to use for oil or butter? I guess I am wondering how much vaped bud I need to make my edibles as strong as they would be if it weren't vaped.
  11. That is a good question. I used to just use the high setting. But now I do one on low, then another on medium, then another on high. And I get just as baked each session. And still save my ABV. I'd like to hear a good answer to all of these questions. so Bump!
  12. I have in the past used one ounce of avb for one batch of brownies (yielded about 15 brownies) and these were pretty potent, one and you had a nice couch lock body high going.
    Just got my Pax so I am sure my AVB will be accumulating quicker now.
    Was that just throwing the AVB straight into the mix? I'm thinking of doing that with my AVB when I get enough (mostly just for the convenience over making oil/butter) and was wondering how much would be enough to get me baked. Will try with an oz and take it from there.
  14. I have tried both ways with extracting into oil, and with just going directly in the batch and adding an extra egg to mask consistency...Honestly I think the ones where I throw the AVB directly in are far more potent...There is a tutorial for it by Kads Baker (vaporbros) on youtube. Just make sure you grind it into dust so you aren't getting big chunks.
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    It will have to be heated to 250 before heating to a higher temperature, so there is no other alternative than to heat it to 250 first. For this reason, your question is kinda nonsensical -- how could you possibly heat it to 350 without first heating it to 250???
    My mom had a friend (a fucking idiot) who once told me that "hot water freezes faster than cold water." At first I didn't know what to say to that, but it occurred to me that hot water NEVER freezes -- first it cools off, then it freezes, so no, hot water CANNOT freeze faster than cold water, and you cannot heat weed to 350 without first heating it to 250.
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    Decarboxylation is the process of removing a carboxyl group from a chemical compound, heating weed to 250F-300F for 15-20 minutes will cause THC-A to convert into THC without causing much in the way of vapor, so you don't lose THC to evaporation but you activate more of the THC in the plant before using it. The conversion tends to be 70%, so you turn around 60-70% of the THCA into THC by doing this.
    That's why you always heat fresh weed in the oven before you use it to make edibles or you get random or impotent edibles. THCA does not get you high. But over doing it can actually cause the THC to start breaking down into CBN, which won't get you high.
    Anicdotal evidence has lead me to believe decarboxylation has a VERY important effect on edibles, but not so much when you smoke it. Which is why I'm curious about its effects on vaporization and how it changes the amount of pure THC released.
    My reasoning: If THC is released when vaporizing then it's possible that THCA is also released, which doesn't get you high. So if you have more THC in the plant when you start your actual vaporization then you will get more THC in your hits, at least early on, then you would otherwise.
    Oh, and hot can freeze faster than cold water. It's called the Mpemba effect if you're interested.
    That's awesome, thanks so much for mentioning it.
    Hot water will freeze faster. Strange but true. We just tried it out last week when it was single digits outside. Then we did the throw a cup of boiling water into the air...Instantly turned to vapor. Did the same with cold water and NOTHING....the shit that amazes you when you are high....

    Oh, and hot can freeze faster than cold water.
    No, hot water NEVER freezes. First, it must cool down to freezing temperature, and only then will it freeze.

  19. Hot water never freezes, no.
  20. Sorry about all this being semantics dude...but yeah. I know that you are saying it gets cold blah blah blah..but seriously. It will get colder faster, then freeze faster then water already at a colder temp...If that works for you. 
     And I kid you not, if you take a cup of boiling water out when it is single digits, and throw it in the air it will (the majority anyway) will instantly vaporize into a cloud. Cold water will just come down in droplets. Fucking science...god's way of making stoners go "whut?"

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