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  1. Things exist. I'm pretty sure we can conclude this as a fact.

    So that means something exists rather than nothing... if something exists and the universe is infinite and has always existed, forever, then mustn't every possible combination of random events be constantly playing out someplace at every moment in the eternity of space?

    If I got that across correctly, it seems to me as one of the few possible explanations of how anything can even exist at all. If one thing is, then every imaginable or even unimaginable thing must be also, or logically (at least to me and how I am feeling/perceiving right now) nothing should be at all.

    it's late:smoke:
  2. Interesting, but you posit that the Universe is infinite in time and space. This is likely not true in observable cosmology.
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    Things may exist, but aren't they actually based on just our subjective perception not any objective reality?
  4. It actually sounds like you're proposing something similar to a theory of infinite parallel universes, which I think is not a popular component of M Theory now, though I'm not as well studied on it as I am (or was) with general string theory.
  5. there is currently no evidence that the universe is infinite. I think space probly is not, and time is, so eventually everything will happen
  6. If the universe is described as you just stated op, then there is not a limited number of possibilities and therefore they can not all be occurring at the same time, because there isnt a finite number to base that off of in the first place.
  7. I agree with that concept sirsog.. but what if universes are infinitely being created? As in just continually popping in and out of existence. I think parallel universes are an interesting theory with certain possibilities, but I wouldn't place blind faith in it quite yet..

    The present moment is a hazy subject though.. If it is all that exists, then what are past and future moments? Is it happening all at the same time? idk...

  8. Same thing I was going to say. According to most research it shows that there was a beginning point for time space and matter, therefore the universe is obviously not infinite, assuming all the research is correct.

    It doesn't mean nothing can exist outside of the universe, just that this bubble reality exist within had a definite point which marked the beginning. Are there other realms which posses their own time? Who knows..
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    I really wish I was smart enough to fathom how they even figure time started lol.... pretty ridiculous shit to figure out.

  10. the way it looks from here......time started when some guy decided to start making a mark on the cave wall every time the sun came up;):smoke:

  11. Well whether some guy started marking the cave walls or not, time's still going to tick by. Just have that same man look at his own reflection in ten years and it's undeniable.

  12. i think we are saying the same thing...;):smoke:

    when you break it down...time is still not a tangible thing....
    not something we can truly define the limits of.....
    but it is something we can observe....

    and keeping track of sunrises.....simply observing the passage of time

    looking in your mirror.......again simply observing the passage of time

    nither event defines time.....;):smoke:

    and in the end ...we also find that time is completely relative....
    depending on what events are taking place......
    a few moments can feel like an eternity.....
    a few hrs can seam to pass in a blink.....
  13. (My thoughts after reading your post)

    Your mind has a big potential.

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