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    When I took 5 hits of acid a little over a month ago I came out of it knowing I saw and learned a lot or possibly all of the knowledge and understanding of the universe that I completely forgot as soon as I came back to earth(physical realm). I feel like that knowledge can be accessed by taking large doses of LSD or Mescaline, by allowing your consciousness to be connected with your soul instead of the physical realm.

    What thing do you know for sure exists that you can never tangibly touch or see? That is your soul. Your soul is what I believe is what makes you, you. By "soul" I mean an existing representation of your mind that resides in the 4th dimension, especially since it's in the 4th dimension we can't really see what our soul is. When ever you think things through your head it is your soul processing thoughts to your brain in the physical realm, while your soul has a separate existence elsewhere. So your brain is really a window to the physical realm for your soul and we do our everyday things feeling comfortably connected to our soul at all times. In a way the physical realm blinds us from realizing what we really are. In this case I don't put to question whether a soul exists or not, as long as you think for yourself then you have a soul.

    So as I said earlier while you are having an out of body experience your consciousness is not in the physical realm but rather in the 4th dimension. In the 4th dimension you can see, or so to speak, think of everything that has or will happen. But if you're able to see everything that happens at any time or any idea thought up from our universe, then that means your soul is the universe. Because how could when you are in the consciousness of your soul, be able to see everything that ever was from our universe?

    When I was in the 4th dimension in my trip I was able to speak to god and speak to(as how I remember understanding it during the trip) other souls of people that were currently taking LSD, Mescaline or DMT. In the 4th dimension I knew that I was in a plane of field with other souls. The other souls all told me that when they were in the physical realm they always wanted to be here(as in, with your soul) but they told me I might regret going there for the sake of the amount of knowledge I was given that I might not like after learning. They also scared me by telling me that I might not be able to return to the physical realm and in the end I will regret ever getting there.

    I've been piecing this all together ever since my trip.
  2. In the bible, it says that jesus will return through the window of the world...2012 is not proven to be, but is thought to be a shift in conscious..Jesus, possibly being a metaphore for a greater form of conscious, could come through..turning jesus not into a being, but a representation of enlightenment and purity..as he should have always been.:smoke:
  3. Don't forget, while Jesus was here on Earth, he warned that a false Messiah would come before him. An Impostor. That's a very big detail for someone to forget about.
  4. Nice theory. I personally believe that everything in the universe is interconnected. In the 4th dimension perhaps all our souls are intertwined with the universe and all the inanimate matter of the universe. This , in retrospect does make us not part of the universe but the very universe itself. Everything must flow into one another , we are all one to everything else we perceive around us.
  5. It's your theory...add it to the millions of others out there.

    I don't think there is a "soul" so I don't believe your theory. I don't think we're any more special than any other life form. We're no different than our plants...we're born, live, and die. We didn't come from anywhere and we're not going anywhere. That's my theory...
  6. exactly :D! I meant to go in depth about how everyone is connected in the 4th dimension and therefore connected in the physical realm.

    When I was in the 4th dimension in my trip I was able to speak to god and speak to(as how I remember understanding it during the trip) other souls of people that were currently taking LSD, Mescaline or DMT. In the 4th dimension I knew that I was in a plane of field with other souls. The other souls all told me that when they were in the physical realm they always wanted to be here(as in, with your soul) but they told me I might regret going there for the sake of the amount of knowledge I was given.

    Well in my theory I don't even question that souls exist or not, I'm just saying that your thought process is logically not a tangible object in the physical realm so I'll call your "thoughts" your "soul". It's just a word and I don't mean it to have the same definition as when someone religious would explain it.
  7. So beautiful...

    Because the KNOWLEDGE you were given was so beautiful in and of itself and full of more bliss and aspects to it that are undescribable in any earth tongue that once you return here on this planet and your brain re-mobilizes to the "sober" state (which includes the high potential of partial or full loss of that knowledge, and at best resonating rememberance/feeling of that knowledge through certain familiarized brain patterns that you atempt to aquire in a path like fashion) that you become so sad within that you are no longer amidst the prescence of such KNOWLEDGE.

    This is why you were full of regret?

  8. That paragraph was indescribably on key with what I am saying!

    The regret that the souls and I came to concur with was that I would regret seeing the knowledge and that I could become stuck in my soul consciousness and at one point I will miss being in the physical realm because I have sentimental value for things from the physical realm.

    One thing I remember for sure was that there was way too much knowledge for anyone to handle or take in or ever be able to completely remember.

    I feel that psychedelics can open our minds to what the universe is really about. Especially when you are on it you feel one with the universe, why is that?

  9. Perhaps because psychedelics partially disconnect the "sober" or "human" mind , so you're feeling your spiritual roots tugging on you. Maybe it has similar properties to intense meditation , during which people report to be able to travel anywhere in the universe. Maybe that could be the pathway transitioning into the realm that isn't meant to be discovered in this reality , but only the next ? .. When we properly transcend into the spiritual realm because the shell we used on earth on longer functions.
  10. if you like this, have you looked into the biology of what happens when your body dies? (not in violent events but things like from age.)

    afaik when you die, the brain releases a huge dose of... shit, i think it's DMT... and some believe it comes from the pineal gland or in that area (my research is off and my google-fu is weak today) which resonates with the supposed third-eye chakra....

    dunno though, it's not like i'm going to go out and try to make myself die just to research a theory. i like life just a bit too much to do that :)
  11. Little known secret - the impostor is the Bible.
  12. From my perspective, IMO, that could be true.

    My grandma thinks that jesus will come through the computer btw...shes silly. :smoke:
  13. ok, 4th dimension is something we on this earth can not comprehend. Not only can you see everything, but you would see everything on top of everything, you would hear everything on top of everything, smelling everything on top of every smell, ect... It would just be a muddled mass of literally everything in the physical world.

    So i think we live in the fourth dimension, not the third, contrary to popular belief. In the fourth detention you "see time laid out before you" or do you? We like to use that theoretical idea of seeing time, but we cant see time, because time is not physical. And since we are objects in space, flying in some direction, constantly outward at unknown speeds, there would be know way to see our 4th dimensional selves because it would be to fast for our minds to comprehend. And since time is continual, "this moment right now" will always be in the past, but will always be happening right now. :smoke:

  14. damn, ive been trying to say that for a long time. great post. your on the right path. now just do what feels right for the soul!
  15. My thoughts exactly! All the emotions, feelings, etc. in our mind aren't simply chemical reactions taking place...well to an extent they are, but the actual feeling, the experience, the metaphysical sensation, is all part of an extra-dimensional connection (4th dimension).
    And a little off topic but about the 4th dimension:
    If you were to access and be able to be within the 4th dimension you would be able to do ANYTHING and MORE. This is, of course, assuming the 4th dimension is time. By being within the 4th dimension and having time as a part of your easily manipulated world (like we can manipulate matter, and to some extent, space), you could do and control anything. Time (as we know it) would be completely irrelevant, and we would be able to "walk through" time itself. If you think about it, if you are able to manipulate time (which every physical thing in the 3D world wouldn't exist without) you are able to manipulate everything (as we know it).
    Absolutely mind blowing.
    This is where I believe God may reside (or in perhaps one of the other 11 dimensions). Residing within the 4th dimension would allow him inexplicable power, control, and insight into our 3D world. In my opinion the 4th dimension would be what someone would need to be in to have the kind of power that He has, as He speaks of in the Bible.
  16. This will all make alot more sense after you tell me your definition of the soul.
  17. personally, i think that god isn't something that's outside of ourselves. as in, god isn't some figure in the sky but a sort of spark within each of us (if that makes sense.) though, when people "see" god, they would see what feels best for them (as in, some would see the grey bearded type, some would see Vishnu, some would see the green man or the lady, etc...)

    maybe our perceptions are what makes god the god that he is because that's what we associate with the loving grace that's associated? (think about it, when you're a child, assuming your biological father wasn't a bastard, you probably had moments where you looked up to and loved him... correct?)

    but then again this is only how i see it and i'm certain others will feel differently. vive la difference! :D
  18. alright I edited in my definition for soul into the second paragraph.
  19. Gotcha. SO you are saying you can only feel your soul when in this "4th dimension" you speak of?
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    I guess what I mean is that our soul/mind is interlinked to an entity that truly represents us in a 4th dimension. The catch is, is that entity is the universe, so once our consciousness is with our soul rather than our physical realm body we are in the 4th dimension and we instantaneously gain the knowledge of the universe, since we are the universe.

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