A Theory I Came Up With While High

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  1. So I was blazed as fuck and came up with this theory.

    What if the world we know and live in is just a computer simulation. And god is just some dude who happens to have a computer and is simulating this "game" then there is this high tech thingy that can make him go into the game (virtual reality helmet or something) and that is what Jesus wAs, just god comin g into his "game". In the world god lives in, there are really a lot of "gods" Nd they all have their own computers with games. They can do whatever they want in these games. In another different gods game their could be green people. Or dinosaurs rule the world etc. basically like a much more advanced, complex version of the sims.

  2. *also demons/satan are really just computer hackers trying to fuck up his game.
  3. we'll never know
  4. Have you ever seen a movie called "The Matrix" ? Very similar references .
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    Relativity proves that it is... so, it's up to u to decide what reality really is or isn't.
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    We could live in a matrix. But the matrix could be the matrix, and that matrix could be the matrix, and that matrix could be the matrix and so on and so forth lol nobody would ever know if they truly live in a real universe.
  8. cool concept you came across.. ever hear about subjective reality before?
  9. Yea man your pretty much describing the matrix,
    its a cool concept though it would make a cool video game
    It's a pretty interesting concept. I can't help but feel much truth behind it but that it still doesn't explain everything.
  11. having everything explained shouldnt really be a goal.. but i feel you.. its a model that works for some more than others
    but if you believe in dimensions, there are certain exercises/disciplines you can pick up and do for fun and see if there are outcomes
  12. That's actually how I came up with the idea. I was reading an article saying how in the future we will be able to have computer simulations where the computer doesn't know it is in a simulation. Then I also read an article about virtual reality games where u actually go into the game in a sense. I thought it would be a cool concept if you could go into a game and be a "god" to those people in the simulation. Then I strarted asking myself " how do I know I'm not in one of those games"

    Yes, I smoke too much weed. Lol
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkiuAxP9vPM
    lol jk man this what i thought of when you said "Yes, I smoke too much weed. Lol"

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