A tad bit confused.

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  1. 8A4B3C62-7BF2-4A78-822E-0EF73AF60422.jpeg 334A5618-A718-4FFA-A661-EDFCB6C3CBEA.jpeg 779E1493-5035-41EC-B4AD-AB6BE3C5229E.jpeg C2FB8DE5-F1A0-4196-BEC1-DE3F4E929D56.jpeg 56811DCE-3014-40E8-B7D1-80CB23E95557.jpeg D5B925B0-5E0C-411D-89E3-842F6145AE17.jpeg Ok well I would like to say hello and thank you in advance for any real feedback. I purchased some ak48 and white widow auto, these pics are day 53 and just now slowly gaining steam. On the other hand my newer blue cheese autos are already showing “signs” so I’m in need of some good advice.

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