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A surprising Cannabis Club visit.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TreeBranch, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Me and my son were visiting Venice Beach, when he walked by and asked if you could go look inside without having a medical card.

    The people outside the cannabis club were just handing out brouchures, they said no. As we walked away a cute young lady asked where we were from. I responded we are from Missouri, which we are. She led us inside, past security where she asked for our ID's. My son is 17. She took both of our ID's, dropped them a few times and then handed us each other's IDs. She unlocked the door and led us into a place I never Imagined could exist. There was a bong bar, where hits of hash costed from 5-8$ and normal prices on bud, 20-25 a gram. They let us examine and smell any bud we wanted, and let us smoke if we wanted.

    I was deeply surprised that they we got in so easy, and would of let us smoke and purchase anything there.

    Anyone else have any similiar experiences? Feedback?
  2. dude no way?! lol

    thats cool if it happend.

    i saw a medical club when i was on venice beach also.

    was it the kush medical club?
  3. So you walked into a medical marijuana dispensary where they sell medical marijuana to medical patients, without a medical marijuana card and were offered to smoke and buy marijuana? Isn't this what's closing down medical dispensaries?
  4. EXTREMELY bad behavior by that club. Stuff like that really puts a black eye on the community. And you son is a Minor as well?
  5. The police are raiding legal dispensaries in San Diego County as we speak, and busting legitimate MMJ users. The news article is here.

    It's no wonder, then, why people with legitimate medical marijuana cards, and legitimate medical marijuana clinics, are being targeted and closed down.

    This should be a wake-up call to those dispensaries that engage in illegal activities. It costs about $135 for an exam and a MMJ card for the first year, and $95 per year for renewal, in CA. Why bother when you can get your shit for free, and then get busted even if you have the card?

    This really blows.

  6. Paying the $95 a year is even worse when you know people who can hook up fire cheaper than the clubs, and you only smoke on the privacy of your own home. Even still California's Med Marijuana policy is light years ahead of several other states.
  7. Change the world, dude. Vote. Make your voice heard.
  8. Your son? Gee mister, how old are you?
  9. Old enough to vote, I'm sure.

    Cannabis legislation (AB 390) is on the Assembly Floor in CA. Fellow Californians, it's time to let your elected representatives know what you think.

    If/when you achieve voting age, please visit Marijuana Law Reform - NORML.
  10. That's...completely unethical.
  11. And here I am in France, wondering about getting busted by the Gendarmes for buying supplies of MMJ, (illegally) with the support of my 'drug rehabilitation' team. WTF :(
  12. ya i bet it was the one infront of muscle beach..i went there and that place is kinda shady.. Venice is such a piece of shit..
  13. Yah perfect example of why medical clubs get a bad rep.

  14. Pray tell a foreignor why on earth they have them then if a states law can be overruled by the feds, equally, what is going on with the Obama presidancy, I thought he was trying to change MJ laws, or is it that he is the DEAs bitch?
  15. It's really not that simple. The DEA has actually been following the President's instructions lately and laying off the MMJ clinics.

    The thing is that the 10th Amendment of the Constitution basically gives the States rights to govern their own people so long as it doesn't trump specific powers that were granted to the Federal Government. There is NO mention of drugs in the constitution at all, so there are varying levels of legal opinions on the matter. MMJ activists would argue that since there is no inter-state commerce involved, and everything is being done within the state, that the Federal Government has zero jurisdiction, and that State laws trump Federal laws in this matter. Obviously the previous regime in government disagreed with this assessment, however President Obama has decided to leave alone the States Medical Marijuana laws, basically telling the DEA to back off, but not providing any positive affirmation of the laws.

    It's not just that black and white unfortunately.

    The other problem is that the 10th Amendment is RARELY enforced and has even less actual law based upon it. It's an extremely complicated issue.
  16. Funnilly enough, the United States of Europe aka European Union, operates on a similarly unclear system. For example in the UK, headshops may sell seeds, in France, its totally illegal. In holland its decriminalised. So much for union eh?
  17. I, for one, believe that if enough states in the US pass Compassionate Use-type laws, the Federal government will have no choice but to revise their MJ policy. And I would love to see CA be the leader, take the next logical step and outright legalize MJ, with restrictions, of course, but all this is threatened when unethical caregivers bend or outright break the rules, as apparently happened in this case.

    It's sad to think that the progress that MMJ has made here in CA could be undone by a few unscrupulous dispensaries...
  18. for real.. and people wonder why clubs are still getting raided and shut down.
  19. Not here, $300-$400 for a doc visit and another $150 for a card. Looking into going to a sliding scale clinic for the doc visit though.

    As for that dispensory, I don't see anything wrong with letting someone in who doesn't have a card but offering to sell to someone without a card isn't good.
  20. What a foolish club! I cannot even believe that they did that...a minor, and people without cards? I mean I have smoked at multiple clubs, which is illegal, but it is the type of thing that they know me as a patient very well, and behind closed doors.

    I feel like that club is just drug dealers that don't care about helping or contributing, but just will sell anyone weed. I am not saying that is wrong, but I would not be surprised or disappointed to hear that they got shut down.

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