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A successful smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Geminized, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I just had the most ridiculous story I had to share. I'm at college at UW-madison, and this was one of the very few fridays I wasn't drinking, (hw/had to wake up early). I told myself I'd work till 12 and take one of my solo bubbler rips. Always a one nice big hit to get me medicated when I know I'm alone for the session. Right after, I leave my room to see two girls sitting in the hallway. They were drunk and friendly, told me to sit down. They were sophomores visiting their old floor at the dorm. Blah blah we had fun small talk

    Lots of fun but I'm here to tell you bout the great stuff. So then they asked to guess where their from, one said she was in a nearby state, and i guess mineapolis, correct! they freaked out. The other one said she was farther (the hot one). Then I say the coast, correct!, but then their just like HOW DID YOU KNOW! The truth was, after hesitating, I said she looked like a guido. Haha, and she's like "oh no, snooki!". Her world was rocked lolls.
    (Note: during the small talk, she let me touch her DD boobs and she was short which resulted in the snooki conclusion haha.)

    And now realize that all this happened literally 20 second after a huge bubbler rip. Imagine this ridiculous encounter when your coming up and peaking haha expecting to be chillin on your computer. Just thought i'd share what marijuana chose to make my fate for the night haha.

  2. I remember the first time I touched a pair of tits too.
  3. Did you stick it in her butt?
  4. coolstorybro
  5. Haha come on, look past that. My point is that what are the chances that all this happened. I've touched many a tits. It was just so ridiculous to not put it down in writing for me haha. Pe

    By the way I'm so high that i didn't notice this would get coolstorybroed. I'm pretty disappointed with myself lol ahh well, I enjoyed my high rant peace
  6. Sounds like a typical night in Madison
  7. achievement unlocked

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