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  1. Hi all of you outdoor growers :D
    I have finished one indoor project with himalalyas and now i'm hunting the outdoor area :cool: but the place i have choose is a little bit far way (45km) from me and i have problems with watering, so my question is about that is it right to put straw above the ground over the plants to keep the humidity for longer time? Otherwise i'll make some auto-watering system, but it's more complicated. Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. I live in a warm Southern California area and I swear by using straw as form of moisture control. Especially to keep the roots cool and slow evaporation during the summer. It works. It's just hard to haul a straw bale. You might have to pop the straps and take a little at a time. But it's worth it. Good and Bad 240.jpg
  3. Yes, It's excellent to keep the ground moist and to keep the ground temperature moderate. We call it a mulch when it's used that way. It goes on the ground AROUND the plant stem.
  4. Oops.
    TonyBalogna already answered that.
  5. That's fine! All the help in backing up some advice is all good! It helps give validity to an answer. Help me with this. how do I +Rep someone?
  6. Nervermind I just figured it out!
  7. Thank you very much about the answers, now i'm thinking if i put the mulch is there any chance to attract some bugs or insects?
  8. That is one of the drawbacks of mulching.

  9. Hmm, I think that it depends of that what is your location, but however i'll make a test for a few days and we'll see, for now only the snails are problematic, but nothing serious...
    Any other minuses except unexpected bugs/insects about mulching?
  10. That's why I release ladybugs periodically and preying mantids during the summer.
    Good and Bad 180.jpg

  11. how do you get preying mantis' , i thought they were endangered.
  12. Check out any good organic products catalog and you can have cucoons shipped to you overnight in a box. I'm lucky enough to have my neighborhood nursery carry them in a fridge labeled beneficial insects. They also sell parasitic wasps for grasshoppers(to small to sting you and almost to small to see) and nematodes for cut worm problems.(You burry those in the soil) But the praying mantis' come in sets of three cucoons for about seven bucks and you hang them from the branches of randon plants or trees in your garden and each one has about two hundred ready to battle insects in each one. They kill just about anything smaller than them even each other. They are good to have around. I'll take a pic of my preying mantid container for you. Check back in a little bit.
  13. Is there any chance to find any of these products online + international shipping, because i'm from Bulgaria, and here is very hard to find something like that, but i'll be looking for some alternative. So the mantis won't hurt my babies, right? :rolleyes:
  14. I might do that
  15. Nope mantis' won't hurt the crop at all! Go to www.arbico-organics.com and check it out. I think they'll ship anywhere. Not sure though. But it's so much better to use good bugs rather than neem wich in my opinion can burn plants quite easy in the outdoors. Oh! here is the # for ARBICO 1-800-827-2847. Best hatching conditions are between 70 and 90 degrees F. and 70 to 90% humidity. Any temps around there should be fine. I hope this helps.

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