A strange line of thought that came to me at work

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. no the dude from vanilla sky said it best, "the subconscious is a powerful thing". If you have control over the flow of thought through your subconscious you can become aware of it. At this point you can tottally untagle your psyche and arrange it to do whatever you want with it. I have learned to do this through really paying attention to the undertones in everyones actions, it makes you conscious of your own as well.

    Sorry if this is cryptic and a bit random, but im stoned and this really is true. Interaction works like this: there is a superficial, topmost layer of intereaction that is pretty much the conversations and actions you can see and hear. Then there is the layer which is WHY everyone is saying or doing things. There is always a reason. Then there is the core desires motivating everyones minds to want things, prefer things, or not others.

    If you are consciously aware of this in everyday intereaction, its such an explosive realization. All of a sudden every action has meaning and the world just got a lot bigger. You notice the undertones of the upper layers and you can see so much more going on underneath the words and actions. It really is amazing, and its great contemplation material when you're blazed :)

    Sorry about this tangent.

  2. Thats trippy man, I jus sorta jus skipped all you said and now I'm high.
  3. lol, man what the fuck was that about?
  4. Had I not watched Vanilla Sky last night, I would have probably skipped it all too, but I did and I see what you mean.

    What people see as trivial interaction with others always has a deeper substance to it and if you try to be aware and dig for what's beneath then you do see a bigger picture.

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