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A strain that makes you laugh your ass off??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Do you guys know any strains that make you laugh your ass off?
  2. Ak-47 and 48. there very sativa dominant strains and makes me pretty hyper. Im just like full of energy and laugh my ass off at everything
  3. i was thinking more of blueberry
    those are good

    what about blue widow?
    what kind of high would that produce?
    arjan's haze?
  4. Blue widow was AMAZING weed, one of the best I've smoked. It was like a whole other high. I definitely laughed my ass off.

    Sugar shack was a great strain as well, my friend dropped an umbrella on the side of the street, and we started laughing so hard that we cried because we were trying to have a funeral for it.
  5. ...waht about Arjan's Haze
    or Jack Herer?

    EDIT:And sour diesel
  6. I agree with dude that said sugar shack... shit made me all giggly and hyper. very nice high and super tasty. leaves a little carmel taste on ur lips... yummy!!!:smoking:

  7. Wait are you talking about a jack herer sour diesel cross? Because i just picked some of tht up, one of the best strains I've ever found. Didn't make me laugh/ go crazy too much tho, I'd say a solid kush (blueberry's my favorite) would be better for tht.
  8. good green crack or SSH
  9. Strawberry Kush
  10. silver haze and ak 47 have aways made me giggle lol. the silver i had was medicinal, fun night
  11. Last week i tried some trainwreck
    i had like one joint and was laughing my ass off
  12. mexican brick weed
  13. Pretty much any good hash, shit gets fucked up. :smoking:
  14. omg wow im too high for this, i thought the OP was asking if there were any strain names that (by looking at them) make me laugh. Well for that question theres always "alaskan thunderfuck". but to answer the actual question i think its just the state of mind im in when i toke up, that dictates wether or not im laughing at nothing.

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