A story that ended up in a beautiful glass piece

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  1. Hey Everyone...

    So recently about 3 weeks ago I decided to make an investment in my first glass water piece. I am not one that spares on quality so I decided to get one that was a decent price, I found one at a headshop in Syracuse and it had everything I wanted to had....a beaker bottom, ice catcher, and a perc chamber with 6 arms, it was also heavy glass at least 5-7 mm. It was also clear so when used you would see a beautiful milky filled 19 inch milky bong...The piece cost me 149.95 plus the bowl part which cost me $25.00 so price was not too bad

    About a week ago my roommate, myself, and a third friend of ours were enjoying using the pice and my roommate who is typically not clumsy drops the stops about 2 ft high and the glass shatters and my heart stops....I didnt know how to react but all i can do is laugh...please see the first two pictures below so you can see how the glass turned out

    My roommate felt like an asshole to say the least of words so he said he would replace it and even replace it with a piece that cost up to 190.00. So we started the hunt for the perfect replacement. We visited a bunch of places and I couldnt find anything that swayed me the way the first piece did. This past weekend we were near St.Marx st in NYC and visitied a few headshops and caught the one piece that would be a perfect replacement.

    We found a 2 foot, blue pipe, with 2 perc chambers each having TEN (10) arms, with an icecatcher, and a beautiful ashcatcher...Every hit goes down so smooth and

    Although a bit expensive at 360.00, it was well worth every single penny...the place was cool enough to also throw in a free gas mask which i tried once and wasnt too much of a fan, smoke got in my eyes and i was tearing ridiculously.

    Please see the pictures below...I hope you guys love seeing these pictures as much as I enjoy using my new piece...

    Stay Sky High,

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  2. The downstem joint looks like it'll last about a week with that much hanging out of it...
  3. yeah one little swipe and that thing will snap. looks loooovely though
  4. I bet they drag like a bitch though, but enjoy!
  5. Agreed on the downstem looking weak. That thing will break within 2 weeks, be careful.

    Also, why would you keep your eyes open when using a gas mask? Dude, it's smoke! Why would you let it get in your eyes!
  6. Yea thats a fear that I have but thats why we now use it on a table or on the floor...I also make an announcement each time when we use it to pass with two hands reminding people of what happened to the last piece...
  7. First time using the mask...so it was a stupid NOOB mistake...I was kinda confused on how to use it :confused:....and so were all my friends so we learned a lot during our first run specifically to not open your eyes...its ok though bcuz I was still :smoking: and enjoyed it
  8. yeah downstem looks like a weak joint, just be careful and youll be set. But fyi, take some of that water out of your second perc! SOOOO much water! fill to a little above the slits and itll take away drag cause im sure with that much water in there you feel it
  9. Thanks for the advice ill make sure that I get rid of some of that water
  10. Nice bong n all, but to be honest man you should have posted this story BEFORE you bought the new bong. For the $360 you payed, you could have gotten a way way way better bong. But all you can say now is oh well and what if :D.

    I mean its a nice piece, and definitely looks like an upgrade from the old one. But still, the glass market out there is SO big, and now a days, $360 can get you a looooooong way.

    If you love it though, dont listen to a word i said haha. Everyone out there knows that their bong hits the best just because, well its their bong!

    Happy Toking :wave:
  11. ^ i agree. for that amount you could have done a lot better if you shopped around. but regardless!

    enjoy your bong man!
  12. Yo don't throw out that old bong, looks like it could still be used for a kickass hotknife hooter.
  13. $360 for china? eww.
  14. I agree i feel like I paid a bit much for it but I searched in the St.Marx area and the W.4 area in NYC which are areas to find decent glass but due to it being in NYC prices tend to be on the higher end....They wanted to sell us another piece which I really think wasnt worth it...I might be in the market for another piece and before I drop any money ill make sure ill come to the forum for some advice....

    Im going to have to search on how to make a hotknife hooter thanks for the advice....

    To everyone, thanks for looking at my piece and all your feedback

    Stay Sky High, :smoking:
  15. just be careful with it and it should treat you well.

    next time you really need to look for something 5mm thick and better design so that joint doesn't accidentally get knocked on something and pop off.
  16. Don't blame NYCs inflated prices, even I could have gotten something 100x better for almost 400. Damnman way to make excuses...
  17. A pure next to a "hightimes top glass of 2010", ironic. :rolleyes:

    for that price (360$?!?!?!) you could have gotten a Luke Wilson 10 tree with the tree downstem.....much cleaner & made in the USA. Pure is china.

    Say no to cobalt glass.
  18. Im looking for an ashcatcher that color and style too lol. Wish i could find em in my LHS's all they have are clear and green...
  19. Ok so I got screwed over by being a NOOB to the glass world...what do you think are some good places to look for my next piece...thinking of another bong but not to sure yet

    btw Im NORML as well nice to see ya around here :wave:

    thats one of the things that convinced me the most to get it

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