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    LADWP is an acronym for Los Angeles Water and Power. LADWP is a municipality (government ran utility).

    In a effort to expand the green sector in California, LADWP has joined the ranks of the other CA utilities and offered a rebate program for people who decided to install a solar electric system on their roof.

    The program has been in effect since 2007 and, like other utility rebate programs, has been very successful. Lately, because of the high cost of electricity in combination with low cost to install solar, the program has been extremely popular and the funds are getting exhausted much faster than anticipated. Because of this, they have had to enforce a moratorium and the program has been temporarily shut down to re-evaluate the incentive levels.

    The original plan put forward by LADWP was to shut the program down until August 1st and come back online with a more sustainable program at rates 20% lower than the current rate.

    Over the past month, the larger solar companies have been "lobbying" the utility and are spoon feeding them false information. They have been telling the utility that if the program did not come back online with LARGER incentives (25% higher than they where when they stopped the program) than they would have to leave the market, and because of that, solar would be less affordable to low income individuals. Complete and utter lies essentially. Because of this LADWP has extended the moratorium 1 month, until September 1st, and was seriously considering coming back online with the higher rates suggested by the big business solar companies.

    The good news is that because this is local government, the people and the small business' have been heard. Through city hall meetings and the hard work of grass roots organizations, the truth has been heard. The lies of the lobbyists have been brought to light and the program will come back online at sustainable, lower rates.

    SolarIndustryMag.com: Content / New & Noteworthy / LADWP's Revived Solar Program Sparks More Industry Backlash

    Here's an article than excludes what has been described above. Whats described above is what has been happening behind the scene.

    Just wanted to get this off my chest. This is exactly why smaller government is better, more efficient than federal, distant government :smoking:

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