a story of my early stoner days

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weedeater, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. well this is gonna be long but i am stoned and lovin it so i am gonna do it. if its hard to read tough cause i am soned and can't type. anyway this is when me and two friends had just started smoking and drinking and we wanted some of both real bad. it was back in the summer between sophmore and junior year of high school and the days were great. we wanted some weed bad so we called up this redneck guy to get us pot. the four of us were driving around in my car cause i was the only one that could drive. i sucked by the way. we drove around for two hours to different spots looking for pot. i lived in western north carolina so this is redneck rural horse country we are going through. we go to this one rundown shack and this redneck guy in the car taylor says there may be this boy in there who i might fight if that happens man just drive away. luckily he wasn't there but neither was the pot. finally after about an hour and a half of looking and driving in a rain storm i might add. the skies cleared and we found a guy who could get an eighty sack as he called it worth of course 80 bucks and that is what my friend wanted to pay and i was getting the beer. so anyway it was such a nice sight next to the mountains in the rural foothills of western north carolina. it was awsome. so we go to this trailer full of even bigger redneck druggies and go inside thinking we are gonna get beat. inside are two big drunk guys one skinny junkie guy and two girls with like black teeth and this toddler. we front the money get phillies an eighty sack and a 24 pack of beer. the two drunk guys leave and we are invited to sit on the couch in this dirty ass trailer as the junkie eats an ice cream cone and the girls talk about getting fucked or something. it was a tense time and after 45 minutes the guys come back and they say the stuff is in our car. well we go out to find a case buy the car and a little less than a quarter of schwagg. this guy got ripped but listen to this at the time we had never seen nugs man. we were actually happy man. we went and tolled some blunts somoked some cigs and take some bongs. we drank as well. we also smoked with some dirty country girsl which i thought was cool at the time. then we drove off into the setting sun ans smoked and drank some more that night feeling like we had scored man. what a fun night. it truly was something i will remember all my life. what are your beginner stories seasoned tokers.
  2. One evening, a girl who I worked with had a party at her house. I picked up some beer, but I knew that I would probably smoke as well. Anyway, when I got to the party, a guy who I work with was like "I'm gonna smoke you out". So, I was like cool. Anyway, we went into the girl's bedroom and smoked out of her bong. Then, he starts grinding all of this nice bud up. He pulls a cigar out of his shirt pocket, and is like "Do you know what I'm doing?" I'm like yeah, you're rolling a blunt. So yeah, he says that he told me that he would smoke a blunt with me, but I don't really remember. Anyway, a few people start coming in, tossing in some bud. Everyone is just hanging out. Anyway, my girlfriend comes in and sits next to me, and people start passing the blunt. By this time, there were like 15 people smoking. So, yeah, we passed this blunt like 3-4 times around this circle. The room was cloudy as fuck, and everyone was just puffing and passing, and cometimes coughing. It was a pretty neat experience. This guy I worked with was the biggest stoner ever. He smoked bud all the time. Some girl told me that he went to some show, and at the end of the show, he met up with one of the bands, and was smoking some bud with them. I thought that was brilliant. Anyway, there are some stories...
  3. i was at my friends house (his older brother lived across the hall) ok so we go over to his brothers aprament (cuz its acreoss the hall) and were in there listening to some msuic...so his brother asks us if we smoke, and were like no, and hes like ok, and he goes and gets this bong, and im like OH! i thought you ment cigarettes (i didnt smoke pot...but i did want to try it :)) and so hes like haha...so im like hey can i get a hit off that...and hes like sure, and he knew i didnt smoke...but it was cool...so yah, and i took this huge fuckin bong hit (i wanted to seem cool...lol) and i started coughin and coughin and i thought my lungs had collapsed...then my fruend did it for the first time too then, and he did the same hting, and then his brother showed us how to do it, and we did it again with smaller hits (cuz the first time...lol) and so then like 5 minutes later (im guessin...i dunno) we were totally fucked up) so then like...a half hour later he gets the bong and we get ripped again (well...MORE ripped lol...god) and then we go back across to my friends house (his mom had been at work) like another 2 hours later...we went back and got some more (this time after we smoked some with him, he gave us each like a quarter sized nug) so then we go backa gain....and his mom gets home like 10 minutes after we got back in there...and we were totally like "holy shit...she is gonna catch us" so we went into his room so she wouldnt bother us...and i think she knew...cuz she came in and asked us questions (not about if we had been smoking) but i think she knew...and anway...we just sat there and played with fuckin action figures (hey! i was 11...and we were high...and it was fuckin awesome....GO JOE! GOD LOL! {cobra totally owns GI joe tho...[] so yah...and that was awesome...and we had a black light too...and that was awesome

    and im high right now if you can tell...D:
  4. I was bein driven to school by my step-cousins friend..my cousin and his friend were like 17 i was 12 and i was talkin my cousins friends little brother (ouch too much thinking) who was also 12. So i said i had 20 dollars and if we could go to McDonalds. After deliberation between my cousin and his boy they said they were going to school late and they were gonna smoke and they'd take us to buy the food but we'd be late. So me and the kids brother was like cool. So the 2 fucks are in the front seats lookin to find som1 whos servin....so they do...take MY 20 dollars and cop a dime then drive to mcdonalds and buy my food. They roll up 2 blunts and we all smoke....me and the other 12 yr old were coughin like a mu fucka (and we were stoned like a mu fucka too!) anyways so this is when i first started smokina and it was hard handlin my weed. So they drop us off at school and they're tellin us you gotta maintain or we're gonna get in trouble. We're like aight and we get out the car and walk to class (we got the same class together)...we're both calm like fuck while we're walkin to class....and as soon as the door opened i looked at my teacher and then at the kid and we both cracked up we sat down and laughed through the whole class.....he farted and we almost died laughin and then i started talkin like him (he talked like a fruitcake) i think i was laughin hard as hell until 3rd period....when we got home my 1st period teacher called and said i was stoned....my cousin (step cousin...w/e) got his ass beat by his mom and didnt smoke me out against for a good 4 months (and i had to smoke him out twice first) .....i laughed so much that day....and im still stoned as we speak (not from the same weed thou)
  5. one day when i was 14-15, me and some buddies decided to buy a niiiice 80$ worth of bud. so we get the bag, its about 17 grams, of some AWESOME WEED. we went nuts!! what a deal!! anyways we went into the woods by my place at the time, (all has since been plowed over :( ) and rolled about 3 grams into a big fatty. we smoked it down, and new we had our hands on some gooooood weed. it was about 12am so we decided to save the rest of the weed till the next morning.

    the next day we got together again, in the same woods, and busted out our remaining 14 grams, and a pack of kingsize rollies. we stayed in that forest for about 8 hours, and smoked the whole bag in 4 more FAT joints. was a GREAT day. the first huge session one of my buds had ever had, and the first big one the rest of us had had in a long time.

    it was fantastic we were stoned outta our heads!! being so young at the time made it that much better. everything was soooo funny and we were HUNGRYYYYYYY!!! i was flying in the woods. we laughed at all the funny trees. every leaf looked like it was RIGHT IN MY FACE, even ones that were 20 feet away. It was like i was standing in a huge pop up book, and everything i looked at went BOIIIING!! right to my eyes. what a great experience.

    anyways the next time we tried to pick up off alex again, she told us she had given us too much, about 5 grams too much. hahah!! but it was her drunkass' fault so she didnt expect us to pay her back.

    all in all it was a great memory.
  6. Nice story adam :)
  7. my first time was up at my friends farm during the summer and 7th and 8th grade. his sister and alot of her friends brought up a 1/2 oz of some good dank. so after his dad went to bed, we walked down some hill into a nice area to smoke. we smoked about 20 bowls between 7 people. i got fucked off my ass. me and my friend had out paintball guns with us so i ended up shooting myself like 10 times. then i tried to ride a 4 wheeler. needless to say it was a disaster lol. was a great time though

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