A Story of Frustration So Long It Has To Be Documented ~

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    Note: This is not the longest story ever told by a baked man, it is the longest not-so-interesting-doesn't-really-matter Odyssey with a smart phone ever experienced by a baked man. All of the following, unless specified, happened on my Samsung Galaxy S.

    One day, leoking was really chopped after two fat bowls and was discussing our personal lives with a friend, via text. My text was so long that not only did it convert into a multimrdia message, I maxed out the number of characters I could use. it wouldn't send to his ipod, so i tried copying it to my phone, but it wouldn't. and then i asked my friend but i forgot she has the same phone as me, and i tried downloading a text copy app that copied texts to my sim card, deleting a bunch of my important messages, and not saving the one i needed. so i tried sending it to his email, but i got a message saying it couldn't. so finally, i sent it to my email, copied it to my clipboard, copied that to ky InkPad, and c/ping that in parts to my friend.

    phew. that's long.

    but wait.
    there's more.

    i then thought, "this story is so great, I have to post it on ThatHigh.com.," this was good because i had already told my adventure to my friend. so i c/ped that and then put that into InkPad, corrected spelling, and fixed grammar. then, i went to my th app, which doesn't submit posts. so i had to go on the browser and post it from there, but i maxed their number of characters allowed; 420. so then, i went to go to grasscity and forgot my login and password and then tried to register. first, all my usernames were taken, and then when i finally got one, it wouldn't let me register because the email was already used . so i changed it, registered, and needes to click the link in the registration email. i tried going on hotmail, but it wouldnt let me unless i downloaded the app, which i did. then the app wouldn't let me log in, so i went to the computer. and then i clicked the link in the email, registered, and typed out the rest of the story on my phone to tell all of you. and now i am going to post a link on ThatHigh.com and eat some food.

    Oh, and for you th people out there who read this until the end, that high.
  2. Im fuckin blazed. Im on a smart phone. I feel you bro lol

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