A story of Bodegas, Blunts, Bikes, and Parents!

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    ok, well I guess I should contribute since I'm a member now. I'm gonna tell you about the time my buddy and I smoked our first blunt. (5 years ago)

    My boy (we'll call him D), and I had just gotten into high school. We had spent the last year or so going on awesome adventures on our bikes after we blazed, and we didn't have cars yet, so bikes were used to go everywhere. Picking up weed and liquor from a hookup, goin to friends' houses, finding skate spots... just the usual stuff a young kid does when he can only use a bike as transportation.

    So this one day, all our connects weren't picking up and I had happened to know this one kid named Jason who was a huge stoner in our grade. To get a visual of this kid: 2 Foot mohawk, rhinestone everything, bobby pins with names of bands on all his stuff to get his punk point across, and pretty much the school's most rebellious kid i'd say.... I gave him a call and he told me that he knew of an actual bodega (think Half Baked) that pushes green.. he said when he rings you up, you tell Poppy (that was his name) how many to put in the bag and you pay him like you're paying for your groceries.

    So me and D said alright, lets head up there with him and check it out. Jason tells us this place is in the middle of the city of Trenton. (If you don't know, Trenton is New Jersey's state capital, but is also notorious for gangs ranging from bloods, to crips, to netas, to ms13's. Everything. They don't call this city Gangland for no reason!

    So we ride up there on our bikes lol At the time, I had a Schwinn Jay Miron Signature BMX bike that was fresh as hell looking. Needless to say, I was super paranoid. I passed one dude and he said "If it was darker out, your bike would be mine." HAHA Don't forget, this kid Jason is rolling around in the hood with us with a freakin 2 Foot Mohawk so we're gettin all kinds of looks too.

    We get to the bodega, and just like Jason said, we bought some drinks and told Poppy how many we wanted, and he put them in the bag. ( This place was busted about a month after this scenario) I kid you not, this mexican dude's 10 sacks were the size of golf balls. Mexi Brick though... (great score for young'uns like us at the time)

    Since this kid Jason bought blunts too, we decided to pick up one up as well to experiment with. To preface this, Me and D were pipe and homemade bong smokers, so we never even considered blunts yet before this.

    So we're riding back and some dude asks us where we could get weed. We all pointed to the bodega, but Jason decides he wants to show off his sack he just copped. The dude looks at the sack and kinda just takes it outta Jason's hand and says " you just got took" :eek: hahahaha I felt bad for the kid, but served him right for pulling it out for a damn stranger lol. Jason goes back and cops another one at the bodega, than we split up with him when we started heading home again.

    Me and D got 4 fat ass sacks off Poppy, and a regular Philly Blunt too. We went back to my crib, and proceeded to my room and rolled up a fat ass stick with one of the bags....I distinctly remember that I rolled this thing perfect for a first time blunt roller:hello:

    Now we usually went behind a Rite Aid pharmacy to blaze cuz they had pine trees along the fences, and we had set up a nice spot with milk crates for seats, and no one could see us. I dunno why the hell we did this, this time, but we burnt it down in my parents' two car garage with only one garage door open:confused:

    Needless to say, we both got the highest we've ever gotten prior to this :smoking:, and we were totally not fit to come in contact with parents... (both our parents didn't know we blazed, and highly opposed it)

    Welp, as it turns out, D's mom called and said she was already on her way to my house to pick D up at 10 pm, pretty much right after we finished the blunt!!!!!!!! (D's mom had almost caught us previously at D's house one night when I slept over and we blazed in his room, but he told her it was oregano and she believed him.:cool:)

    D put in eyedrops, and sprayed some cologne to cover up the smell, but he was still high as shit when his mom came. I was able to retreat upstairs and D got in his mom's car and left......or not. Not a minute after he leaves, my doorbell is ringing like crazy. YUP, D and his mom at my front door step. She smelt the blunt on him, then pretty much forced a confession out of him lol

    She flips the fuck out and both my parents came to the door and she says we're high on pot to them!! I'm asian, so you can only imagine how bad my eyes were since I did not put visine in and it was my first time smokin a blunt!!!! My mom slapped the shit outta me as D's mom is standing there yelling at him , and she just takes D home after some more yelling...

    This was both of our first times getting caught, so there was alot of drama for a few weeks. Eventually, me and D were able to get some trust back, and were allowed to chill once again. We had many more fun times after this incident, but this was both of our first times getting caught so I figured I'd share it with yas for future first time blunt smokers to learn from lol

    Moral of my story: don't smoke your first blunt ever in a half-closed garage, right before your mom comes to pick you up! :D
  2. Holy shit, a real bodega. What I wouldn't give for shit to be that easy here.
  3. sweet story, damn unlucky man.

    dno how thight your parents are but mine are pretty lose so id just ran out somewhere saying i was busy n come pick me up later, sober.
  4. yaa I dunno how he let his moms come. he was on his bike though too, which meant the original plan was that he was going to ride the bike home.... I guess D kinda panicked when his mom called somehow when he was so tore up. I don't even remember what he said to her on the phone.

    doesn't help that blunts leave a heavy aroma on your clothes either, which we did not know before this incident lol

    D told me later that he was cracking up inside when his mom was yelling at him at my door, and my mom was slappin me hard as fcuk because my eyes were cherry red and I was crazy faded lookin and did not seem to feel or care that she was hitting me :p
  5. Maybe a better moral is to wait until you aren't in middle school to smoke bud....
  6. He said that they had just gotten into highschool...

  7. yeah this is true. also, trenton aint shit. brick city mutha fucka.
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    while I'm blazed, I guess I'll add one more thing that happened to me and D in our teens that's pretty funny and alcohol related. I was about 15-16 i think. Same as the other story.

    We copped something like a 24 pack of mike's hard lemonade (ya ya ya, we were young) one afternoon from this one chick that used to serve amazing bud, and she was a senior when I was freshman. She was a lesbian, a blackbelt in karate, and her GF was a fcuken hot brunette that I actually ran into a few weeks ago. Still fcuken hot lol

    So she was pretty cool with me since she was cool with my sister. (they were same grade, and were friends) so she got me alcohol from time to time aside from her amazing ass bud in high school..(O those days....)

    We were behind K-mart and we both downed what had to have been 15-16 of them within 10 minutes between the two of us...So we rode our bikes with the rest in our pants and hit up a huge park with awesome bike trails and cut up real good...

    So we kept drinking and riding around and I was starting to feel mad woo0o0oo0oozyyyy. (Mind you I was like 115-120 lbs freshman year and had no alc tolerance whatsoever lol) (180 lb /can get drank on now :cool:) So I started pukin and shit and sat on a metal slide for what seemed to be hours. There were kids around, but not that close but I didn't even care I don't think lol. I'm pretty sure I had borderline alcohol poisoning at this point.

    The drinks were done and we were closer to D's house than my house, and plus no one was at his house so we were all goody. The ride to his house was rough to say the least, we hit up some hilly ass roads on the way home and kept falling off and shit. :D

    We get to his house and we just chilled for a bit and I was feeling like shit. His fucken dad shows up no sooner, and we bolt ass out the side of his yard, but his dad sees us already, which we don't know...haha (this is funny to me cuz it makes the rest of my story)

    I was all shitty drunk, and D's not too bad, but I got my bike with me, and I pulled it behind some fucken small bushes and thought I was not spottable. Like a cat.:rolleyes: D's already goin to his dad cuz he didn't jet as far as I went and I guess he felt he could diffuse the situation maybe.?

    I on the the other hand, felt it was necessary to elude the captor as he walked directly towards my double vision. I rode my ass home on some mad public streets as I was totally wasted so I could get home and recoop. A good 5 miles of it feeling horrible lol

    When I got home, D's dad was already there in his car:eek: My dumb ass panicked and rode home, but D's dad, who was also our travel soccer team's assistant coach at the time and all around cool ass dad, was only worried about my safety and wellbeing, so it worked out in the end.

    My parents found out too but weren't that mad surprisingly, since I was puking and dry heaving out all the alcohol for the rest of the next two days. They seemed to let it slide also, only a lecture or three this time and no smacks lol.

    It cracks me up everytime I think about what I must have looked like trying to hide in that bush with my bike and thinking he couldn't see me, than riding away all drunk and shit :D

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