A story of a bad friend and a stuck up bitch

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by King Smoke, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. What's up everyone? I would like to get somethings off my chest. A few year back me and one of my closest friends went in together and was renting a house. At the time we were both smokers and just hanging out with the rest of our friends. I'll say about 6 months after we have moved in he met this girl and they started to kick it. He asked to move her in and it was cool....at first. Then after about another 3 months she started to trip about the weed we smoked and how we were living. So when he stopped that wasn't good enough for her and she tried to run my life as well. Now at this time neither one of them had a job and was basically living off me. Then he tried to start in on me saying that I'm going to kill myself and them too. Now I have a job that doesn't do DT's so I don't have to worry about losing my job. And it wasn't like I was buying it from other people. We had got a place in West Ga close to the AL line. Hardly any neighbors or cops to worry about. Anyway back to the story. Now he saying that she was the best thing to happen to the both of us and said and I quote "WE SHOULD BOTH KISS HER FEET". *sighs* I was fed up at this time and was like I'm tired I'm going to work. I left. When I got back these motherfuckas have flushed 6 oz of the finest Mr. Nice I ever grew. That was last straw. I kicked them both the fuck out and like 45 min later they came back trying to fight me. I was still steaming about the weed and basically beat the dog shit out of him(I didn't hit the woman). They called the cops and said I assaulted both of them and demanded that I go to jail. They even brought up the weed and the cops were like where is it. After they said what they they did with it the officer said "WTF? you flushed the evidence!" We can't arrest him now even if we wanted to. It's his place, you didn't pay rent and you came back after he kicked you out. Just leave before we arrest you two. Well to make a long story short He said I betrayed him and we're no longer friends. There's more to it but I don't feel like getting into it right now. Oh well. You win some you lose some I guess....Well for whoever reads this thanks for listening or reading. I'm out. Later.
  2. damn man. whatta pig.

    no offense ladies, but NOTHING should ever happen like this over a girl, especially if your paying for the fuckin place.

    thats BS dude, hope everythings legit now.
  3. Holy shit you have more self control than I do.

    I wouldve strangled that mother fucker and that stupid bitch too. Just reading that made me pissed for you.
  4. Ahahaha good thing u kicked those 2 fuckers out. I bet they are sleeping are park bench right now. Serves them right for trying to run your life when they cant even run thier own lives.
  5. well atleast you did the smart thing if it was me someone wouldda been missing the hands they flushed my shit wit
  6. Man, your friends a bitch and the womans worse.

    The only 3 things that can ruin a mans life is women, money, and hard drugs
  7. obviously no one told him bros over ho's
  8. That's lame dude, I would've been soooo pissed if he was trying to control me in my own place.
    Welcome to the city:bongin:
  9. 6OZ! :( lets take a moment of silence for this one.
  10. Yeah I agree I was skimming through this thread and then I saw the "6OZ down the toilet".
    I was like :eek:.
  11. tell us how it turns out between u 2 im sure the book isnt closed yet ia msrrry that u lost a friend because of that stupid bitch
  12. The guy, I can understand that... pussy does strange things to one. But that bitch... I would have been like fuck off and get the fuck out the first time she tried to make me stop smoking, if she wasen't even MY friend, and living at my place...
  13. some guys go crazy when they get involved with a bitch like that

    maybe you should find him and see whats up, see if hes changed or anything
  14. congrats for not doing anything stupid, i wouldn't have been able to control myself A) i woulda shot that mother fucker for flushing all that bud B) i might have had to beat that cunt too. i really hope you left him w/ no fucking teeth, i hope you stomped him the fuck out. it makes me mad and i wasn't even involved
  15. and you better not ever accept that dudes appollogies fuck him i would beat his ass again every time i saw him. he pretty much stole from you by doing that to your bud, that would be like if you didnt want him driving anymore so you took his car and drove it into a lake.
  16. doesnt sound like you ever were friends, some people are really good actors.
  17. The fact that he has been living off your hard earned cash is bad enough. I don't lend people money anymore, because I never see it again.
  18. That's rough man, atleast you get to start a new phase and move on with your life now instead of having to deal with that drama anymore.
  19. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that they flushed the weed. Good job on kicking his ass too.
  20. ^
    precisely. all i would have to say to my friend is," fool. we *****s. we been *****s since 3rd grade. you really gonna choose this girl over your best friend for all these years?"

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