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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MorningTrip, May 31, 2006.

  1. Alright, this happened last tuesday:

    So a few friends came by to visit and check out my new tent(apartment) and chill or whatever. And they met up with some other guy on the way over here, and his friend that came with him is a really cool stoner. When everyone else was out swimming at my pool, he and I went inside and smoked a bowl. Then he left and came back a few hours later after he picked up a fresh sack, and we smoked a few bowls and chilled. We then went to his place and smoked a few bowls and chilled. Not too long after, we went back to my tent and smoked a few more bowls then headed outside to smoke at my pool(it was like 12:00am at this time). Well, we got down to where we had about five bucks worth left, and saved that and went and chilled in the spa. We heard some other people commin by, so we grabbed our shit and his pipe and left the area. It wasn't until we got back inside my tent that we realized we left the weed at the spa... yeah, we got so high we lost the bud!:smoking:
  2. lucky u only lost $5 worth of bud
  3. ya man. ive been ripped for 35 bucks, smoked almost 60 bucks worth in one night and had to throw a bowl out before i walked into disneyland! but that sounds like you had a pretty cool time anyway.
  4. Yeah, it was all worth it, even if we did loose a bit.
  5. Yeah, it was all worth it, even if we did loose a bit. It'll make great memories someday.:D

    "dude... 'member the time we got so high we lost the weed?"

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