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  1. this isn't neccesarily about weed, but ya know, sometimes people have to vent...
    so, the past few weeks have been really depressing...like, do any of you ever feel like nobody in the world gives a shit? or has it ever seemed like all the people you consider "friends" all-the-sudden just turn their backs on you?
    well...recently, it's seemed like a lot of friends and family have been looking down on me like i'm less of a person than them. i think it started when someone at my school (someone that was "concerned" about me...they didn't even tell me who) told an administrator that i was getting into all these hardcore drugs. (keep in mind, i've only ever taken some pills, smoked some pot, and ate shrooms.) well, someone said that i've been experimenting with and dealing coke. so, we have a meeting and all..blah blah blah...and they're totally disregarding EVERYTHING i say. i didn't tell a single lie and the administrator said "i'm not calling you a liar...but it is hard to believe because our source is so credible". and they're saying all this stuff about getting me involved in 12-week programs and "it's not disciplinary, it's just that we're worried..". you know, that whole deal.

    so, i go and get tested...results come back totally clean. i mean, NOTHING. no pot, no shrooms..NOTHING. but, even now, people i used to talk to are just treating me like shit. like, even my sister, who i'm AWFULLY close with was treating me like shit the other night. maybe i'm going crazy, maybe i'm just paranoid now, but it seems like everyone i go to to talk to just turns away...

    i've basically shut myself off from everyone but my girlfriend at this point...it's so fucking depressing. had to vent.
  2. ive been there, and i probably still am or will be soon. just live your life as normally as you can. people are fucking stupid, and you are living your own life, not them, so they can FUCK their opinion what what they THINK. what they think is just an assumption, and what the fuck is an assumption? nothing. it can be proved wrong, but if people turn their backs on you that easily, fuck em, make new friends. friends that understand you, and that accept your mistakes and choices the same way they expect you to accept theirs. stay strong.
  3. If people aren't going to believe you and they arent going to help you, Fuck 'em. You don't need them. They are other people who will aprreciate you.
  4. if you had nothing on you at school or you werent high, then who are they to tell you that there worried about you and shit

    i would of told them test me and when it comes back clean then you can worry, that will keep them thinking hah
  5. Sorry to hear all this man. Give it a few days. If your friends keep acting like dicks...call em out on it. If they dont wanna start treating you with respect, fuck em.
  6. Yeah I don't have any friends anymore ... everyone says I'm anti-social but it's not even like that. I had a rough time starting in about Jan-Feb of 2005. I moved from one bad situation to another. And I just recently have gotten myself (mostly) out of those situations. I almost messed up my senior year over a guy (who was one of the main sources of my problems) I only went to school once a week for 3-4 months ... at first I'd come back and make up my work but I got seriously depressed and I didn't do anything at all. I sat in my bed all day everyday. I didn't go anywhere to talk to anyone ... I basically shunned the world. I'm glad I finally realized that my problems weren't worth failing my senior year ... for a while I even contemplated dropping out. But yeah I lost most of my friends because people started talking shit and acting like they knew about me when they didn't. I am still a little depressed about it now ... but it was my decision to stop talking to them. (that's why they say I'm anti-social) I just knew they were talking shit and being immature and two faced. Just because I was in high school didn't mean I wanted to be involved in the "high school drama" so I basically said fuck everybody ... and I graduate this coming friday ... I will never have to see any of them again ... lol off to college in the fall! And what are they doing ... lol sitting around this shithole town havin babies ... ahhh it's a crazy world we live in.

    Anyways all I'm really tryin to say is that nothing lasts forever ... If people are treating you raunchy then you don't need 'em. It'll suck at first but in the end you'll end up feeling better. Friends and family are supposed to be supportive not judgemental and unforgiving ... remember that;)
  7. Couldn't have said it better.
  8. Fuck em. Fuck em all.

    Ask yourself, at the end of the day, who is really going to be there for you no matter what? Once you know that answer, fuck the rest. They are all a bunch of lying, cheating, no good sons a bitches stepping all over eachother trying to get to the top of the ladder. Why should you care about them when all they are out to do is make themselves look better by stepping on you.

    Next time you are at the beach, and you see a bunch of seagulls, throw a piece of bread at them and watch what happens. Its no different than humans, theyll all be fighting against one another to get that damn piece of bread.

  9. go to that administrator and tell them to fuck off right away.
  10. Are you able to find out who the source was? I'd for sure have a chat with the person.

    Anyways, Nows your chance to find what friends are true. Fuck the ones that look down on you, they're not worth it.
  11. Hang in there man, I had an unsigned letter sent to my house addressed to my parents stating that I am a drug addict now and if I'm going to make anything of my self I should be sent to rehab, which was one of the most stupid things that I have ever heard, but thankfully my parents understood and believed me, I told them that I do smoke, but everything else that was stated in the letter was not true, and to this day I still don't know who sent it, but it doesn't matter. Don't let anyone get you down man, it will get better. I'm sure you have many people who care about you.
  12. you guys are great. for real. i felt stupid posting to a bunch of strangers on the city here...considering that it's rare any of my other posts get noticed.
    i dunno...things aren't great, but better. i just wanted to thank you all..

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