A story about drugs, parents and getting caught.

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    The foreword: This is a story about me and last summer and this summer and smoking at home and getting caught and dealing with it.

    Here is the abbreviated version:
    I smoked at home, I got caught last summer, I got yelled at and told if I ever get caught again I'm out of the house and on the street. I think I out smarted my mum by telling her it will never happen again and have been smoking like a pro in the bathroom everyday this summer and I'm doing great. Knock on wood.

    The long version:

    I turned 20 today. Like most birthdays it was less exciting than I expected. I am spending it trapped at home working for my mum. Sick huh? Not.

    Anyway, I started smoking around 17 or so in high school. I did it because it was cool, then because it kept my anxiety and stress down after a hard week at school or work, then I did it all the time because shit was hitting the fan and I didn't want to think about it and getting stoned helped. I stopped completely in my final year of high school, then picked it up again after I started University. Thats when I started smoking everyday, I did it for too many reasons and it got out of hand. When I came home after 2 semesters away it was hard to drop. For almost 2 months I managed not to smoke at home, just out of the house.

    Then one night in late July I came up with the idea of smoking out of the bathroom window. No sooner that I sparked the lighter my mum came knocking. She wanted something from the washroom, right away. I foolishly let her in that was it. 'what are you doing!?, where is it!? give it to me!?' She knew exactly what I was doing and was not cool with it. I thought, I am done there is no way out of this. I had already shoved everything into my pockets, lighter and pipe in one, grinder and baggie in another.

    My family isnt so cool with these sorts of things. Typical strict asian family thats a bit broken. Parents separated, lived with mum and grandparents since I was 1.5yrs old. Never even thought about having a drug/alcohol/sex talk with them at all. And it was probably for the better.

    Back to the story, I knew I was busted and there was no way out of it. Thinking quick I had to get as much out of the situation as I could. I convinced my mum that all i had was the pipe and lighter, I kept it for emergency situations and explained how I had been feeling. Was not impressed, simply gave her typical answer. 'deal with it' Nice huh? My house was never good at emotions. Anyway, I managed to keep my grinder and weed out of it. I got ignored the rest of the night and had a nice talk in the morning.

    This is the funny part. The talk. She basically sounded like a PSA telling me my brain was a fried egg if i took drugs. Hash, she called my weed, would get me addicted to heroin before I could turn 19 (a month later). It took quarter sized chunks out of my lungs every inhale and it was worse than tobacco. That was the educating part of this yelling, not a discussion I said nothing and wasnt allowed to. Then came the personal story, 'when i was in university i had to do a project with a partner. the teacher assigned him. he was a good student and nearly always went to class and did well on assignments and tests. i went to his apartment one night to work on our project and when we finished he got up and turned on his stove and put a knife on it. do you know what that was for? it was for hash he wanted me to smoke hash with him! I left immediately and informed the teacher of his actions. he was failed from the class.' Anyway, after that story and the PSA on health I knew what I was up against. I was up against a wall that wouldnt come down. I simply gave in said I would never do it again, didnt tell her how much i did it before nor was she interested. I was given a single warning. If I was ever caught with any drugs in the house again i would be asked to leave and cut off financially.

    Sweet huh? Get caught and then I get left with a single warning to be exiled from the family.

    Anyway, sadly my mum taught me never to give up and always be smart. So thats what I did. I kept a low profile for the rest of the summer, didnt party to hard, came home decent and on time, and then went to school. There everything was okay, no supervision just me, school, bikes, girls, and the lovely herb we all love.

    After another 2 semesters I was faced with returning home for the summer again. But this time I had a plan and hoped it would work. I slowly made my showers longer and longer till they were 15-20 minutes long. (i hate showers because i think its a waste of time, not the washing part but the being in there with nothing productive to do) Anyway, I made my self a nice kit for the shower that could fit in my bathrobe pocket. (lighter, pipe, weed, eyedrops) Then I figured, why get caught leaving the shower with stuff, I'll just make a place. I made a secret box behind under the bathroom counter. Stuck all my stuff in there. Except upgraded to a bubbler and a jar. It was perfect and still is. I have out smarted the enemy. I have enjoyed a full summer of smoking and havent gotten caught once. The process goes as so, walk into bathroom, lock door, prepare my stuff, turn on shower, take a piss, wash hands, smoke standing on the counter and exhale directly into the exhaust fan. repeat. then go shower normally and eyedrops and dry hair, brush teeth. All smell is gone, all traces of smoking are impossible to find unless you know where to look or are doing a surprise reno on the bathroom.

    I have been asked about smoking and simply respond with 'its something i do occasionally socially. I enjoy it on a relaxed weekend with my friends at a park. I do not smoke regularly.'

    With this I havent had a single issue since my first and only time getting caught at home.

    So the moral of the story is...listen to your parents and if they are retardedly unreasonable then out smart them and don't get stupid and slip up. All my other smoking stuff never enters the house, my stash is also not in the house, the bathroom smoke kit is being removed before i head back for another semester.

    The Fucking End.


    so now that I wasted that time to write a story sober on by birthday I want you to waste your time reading it and telling me what you think.
    I know some of you got caught before, what do you do now?
    I want to know if you think I'm smart or stupid for 'out smarting' my mum.
    What do you think my next step is?
  2. I have a similar setup for when I'm at home, except I upgraded to smoking out the window of my bedroom when everybody's asleep. But the whole little kit thing with a fan setup, it works well. And you feel like a champ when you've put it all away, cleaned up, left no trace, and you're feeling lifted.


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  3. Post in the right forum dude! General isn't for "Real Life Stories'
  4. LOL I think I spend too much time here high, and I never actually post because im too busy reading. And I'm going to move this thread over right now, i wasnt even thinking when I posted it.
  5. plus you joined when you weren't of age :p

    as to your story why cant you just go outside and burn? (only read abbrev'd version)
  6. wow op, you are a tattle telling piece of shit, you cost that kid thousands of dollars and maybe even his future because he wanted to be nice and offer you free weed.

    what do I think you should do? I think you should grow a fucking pair and not be a little fucking bitch when someone wants to smoke weed.


  7. agreed
  8. +1 was thinking exactly the same thing. why fuck him over for trying to get you high

  9. i think his mom was telling that hash story about herself
  10. Lmao dude offered your mom hot knives! Badass!
  11. You idiots are .... well, idiots. That was his MOM not him. God damn, learn to fucking read.
  12. l2read. Douche.

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