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a store idea for recreational states

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by justinlamar, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. if there was a store that had pieces like a pawn shop at decent prices cause when I went to Washington I was like wow at the prices for like the same piece it was double

    so I cause guess the question is would people use a recycle there pipes for cash before they got on a plane or afraid to travel with it ?

    then I could resale them and buy them back if they prefer I was thinking already of the cleaning and all
  2. From my perspective, there wouldn't be a big enough market for used pieces if you could get past the regulatory hurdles of selling something that conceivably has cannabis residue (even after cleaning it). Smoking utensils are cheap enough as it is, the market is absolutely glutted with glass. Where I live, every gas station that isn't a chain has a glass section.
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  3. I wouldn't buy no second hand piece fuck that... Even if it had been cleaned stuff like that you buy new never used...
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  4. Well just from experience I had An Rig I Paid 25 on Amazon I think you doing come was was it cover And the same piece was 80 there that's why I was asking

    @brewsnweed I can see your concern because you don't know What that piece was use for before and always what they say I understand that is that the concern? iam just saying like you to Elaborate a little bit On a reason why ?
    Cause I'm sure there's test you can run to see what was used on it on clean it

    iam just putting An idea out there as I would like to be a business owner in this kinda area of glass and I could truly undercut Easily put half the businesses Like that Washington Businesses with a Uber and a briefcase and door service you know?
  5. It just seems like a business where all your customers would be broke ass folks who can't scrape together a few more dollars. Cheap glass is plentiful, everyone can use amazon and the like. Quality or art glass is expensive and I think the folks looking for expensive glass aren't going to want to risk buying used just to save a few bucks. Glass is hella fragile,'s glass, and nobody in their right mind would pay much for something used. My final 2¢.
  6. Where I want was by Federal Way Washington there was a glass store on every corner but they were extremely expensive for someone that was only staying 10 days I gonna see where you would say buy a one hitter or a cheap pipe but there was no such thing as a cheap I even won it if it dropped once that it would break there might a higher quality they were like 50 to Sixty Dollars and that was everywhere for a classic spoon piece thats why was asking as question thank you for your response
    btw it even surprised. me cause flowers where cheaper and glass was crazy
  7. Thanks for your input
  8. I would like to get into the business and I small way and work my way up I'm not daddy warbucks But tons of money laying around and iam not saying u guys are either I was just looking for ideas where I could be in that area of product and not have to deal with crazy competitive in prices where there is no Profit even though I know when you start a business you don't see profit for 5 years.
  9. I guess I'd first look into the feasibility of selling used cannabis smoking devices. That might not even be legal.
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  10. Yeah I know there's an 8 hour class to learn how to make them but it's 150 and I bet u dont learn anything iam guessing It's probly like a trade you gotta learn from someone that Has Been doing it for at least 10 15 years

  11. I would never buy a used piece not because of what's been smoked it in ect, it's just a rule I've had for since I started smoking 10 years ago lol.. + brand new glass doesn't cost that much so I've never understood people buying used...

    I can understand buying a bong/pipe that's ultra rare like they'll never be made again but that's the only exception for me
  12. Eh idk. I'd rather just buy fresh glass and know what I am getting in case there is Meth residue on a used pipe or bong. The only reason I'd ever buy a used piece (even cleaned) would be due to the fact that I like it's design or the paint art and even then I'd never smoke out of the thing but just use as a centerpiece on a coffee table or shelf.
  13. Meh, not a terrible idea, but nothing anyone would actually try right now. Maybe in the future when weed is federally legal, then pawn shops might buy and sell used pieces, but hard to find a market for them.

    I feel where you're coming from on prices at some stores.. There's a store close by my apartment which I can't go into without spending at least $100, because that's about as cheap as they get, and they also have novelty pieces well over $900. At the same time, I found this other smaller shop where I can go into and walk out only spending $30 on a pipe, or I can splurge and spent $300 on a pipe at that same store. That particular store is small, only two people work there, and both of them own the store, but they get good business. Every time I go in there the conversations are great and they always take a % off the order, so finding smaller stores and getting to know the people will help out... I've come to find out that smoke shops are extremely flexible with their prices if you get to know the people behind the counter.

    Overall, a "smoke shop thrift store" wouldn't be a terrible idea, but you'd have to place them right beside the pawn shops, thrift stores, and bail bond joints because those are the only people that would be buying used pieces.
  14. If it is a cool art piece maybe I would buy used. But there is enough cheap stuff from China that it has to be a screamin deal to be worth the hassel of tracking it down in person. I can't see there being enough demand for a brick and mortar.

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