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A Stoners wants and needs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by applesispro953, May 27, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to know what are some of your (the stoners) best and most enjoyable things to do whilst bent?

    to kick things off.. me and my crew like to jam on guitar hero (band on the run expert dominates), and make the daily road trip to drive through maccies :)
  2. uhmm my buddy and I, who I normally smoke with, smoke and continue on with our day..except..we're high. hah
    of course sometimes we chill and watch a movie
    or play video games or be onthe comptuer
    but not a lot changes except for my state of mind
  3. Depends on what sounds fun at the time. Maybe playing pick up football at the elementry school. Throwing something funny on the screen. Whatever we think of. The bad part is, we always go into a session thinking we'll think of something to do, and then we can't think of anything, so the solution to that is obvious, SMOKE MORE WEED!
  4. That is a classic! I and my friends always do that. Then we get stuck smoking more weed. Story of my life! haha. Recently we understood that by taking our time bonging we spend the whole night talking, laughing while we get more and more high.

    Talking and taking it easy around a nice bong is just what I like to do :) I don't appreciate toking fast and then having nothing to do.

  5. haha nice thread, normally my friends and I try to plan something to do after and a place to go to eat after that. So normally we will smoke then go play laser tag/skateboard/video games/etc. then hit up the Taco Bell Drive-Thru (personal fav.) or any local food joint (no pun intended)
  6. I LOVE to be outside when i'm high. Like walking around at night with my friend. It feels so much more natural to be high outside for some reason, and the fresh air is just so great.
  7. Now that the warmer months are upon us I've found myself playing frisbee a tonne. Not a big fan of ULTIMATE FRISBEE, it has too many rules, but to me nothing beats hangin out with the crew, tossing around the frisbee and just talking and chillin.

    Frisbee 4 lyfe
  8. real jamming > guitar hero "jamming"
  9. Phew, I remember about a thousand sessions of Sweet Child of Mine - Expert - Pro Face off.
  10. yeh but surely when you go outside you just bug out alot cause there are people walking everywhere.. ahah but i get wat u mean. we use our extreme arizer vapo then head out for a little walk up to the local shops and just like to see how many people just stare at you cause they KNOW that your blazed out of your mind.. thats pretty funny.... not much beats a maccas frozen coke.

    keep living the high life.*
  11. Dude, this is the timeless truth right here.
  12. My bicycle. A nice breezy day out in the valley. My camera and new film. A beastly hookah and good company.
  13. I like to take out the ATV. Or play some Xbox. Or take a walk.

    But mostly I like to hang out and smoke and have conversations with my buddies.
  14. usually me n my buddies smoke then either play call of duty 4 or waw (i play so much better while baked for some reason). or we play basketball then hit up mcdonald's. then smoke more weed then watch my favorite movie grandma's boy
  15. Grandma's Boy! Good choice robb! Well, up at UGA I had a lot more adventurous highs when I'd smoke, cause we didnt have a car, and couldn't smoke in the dorms. So, we'd find fun places on campus to smoke, then wander at night, and end up at snelling, the 24 hour dining hall =) Ever since being back from school...I toke, listen to some great tunes, watch a movie, or go on a walk.
  16. Almost always, it begins with a smoke and drive. Usually out to the beach or up to the riverside trails. Doing anything outside while high is the best. Especially sports (basketball, football, etc.)

    Outside of that, it's always a movie.

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