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A stoner's guide to quitting nicotine

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Freedom, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. What does nicotine do?
  2. Been smoking for almost 10 years and only time without a cigarette was in jail ( granted I still got some in there from time to time) but smoked a pack or more a day and honestly never seen me quitting. I was honestly that person who was like a fiend without my cigarettes but my friend tried to get me on vaping and after some skepticism I finally got a vape a month or two ago and have went from a 6% nic to a 3% and hardly ever smoke a cigarette and I'm looking to quit the vape by january!
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  3. You may find this to be interesting if you are trying to quit tobacco!

    Cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers: Preliminary findings. (full – 2013)

    From the abstract- “24 smokers were randomised to receive an inhaler of CBD (n=12) or placebo (n=12) for one week, they were instructed to use the inhaler when they felt the urge to smoke. Over the treatment week, placebo treated smokers showed no differences in number of cigarettes smoked. In contrast, those treated with CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by ~40% during treatment. Results also indicated some maintenance of this effect at follow-up. These preliminary data, combined with the strong preclinical rationale for use of this compound, suggest CBD to be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction that warrants further exploration.“

    So 7 days of using a CBD oral spray = a 40% reduction in tobacco use with some lingering anti-smoking effects! (They ended the study after 7 days. Too effective, maybe? :confused_2:)

    So if you got a little spray bottle from a cosmetics section and filled it with a high CBD tincture to spray in your mouth, you'd basically have what they used in the study! Might be worth a try!

    Best of luck to all you you trying to quit tobacco! :weed:

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  4. To anyone struggling to quit: don't give up. Don't light up. You can do this and succeed! I smoked almost two packs a day for 17 years and quit cold turkey. Took me about a month for the cravings to subside. Now it's been almost a year and half with no cigs. Anytime I felt the urge to smoke I would bang out a one hitter or a small chillum to help and before long it was just normal to not smoke every half hour to an hour. Few months later and then I noticed my hair and nails getting healthier and my skin getting clearer and less oily....the benefits of quitting are so awesome. You can do it.
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  5. I used to work a very physically painful job and it gave me insomnia when the pain set in. Honey and chamomile tea little honey and some ibuprofen helped me now the smell of the tea makes me drowsy just do your best to relax
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  6. I can't quite I,ve tried and failed 2 times but it was more of a crash and burn dump some gasoline on and burn some more. Nicotine is a drug tied directly to my sic meds. by the second day without nicotine I'm 9/10 on the suicide level. figuring the third day would be my last I alaway gave in. But at least I vape well i know it must be bad somehow it's nowhere as many poison that's in cigs.
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  7. Vaping worked for me
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  8. I smoked cigs on and off for a couple years and it was one of the stupidest things i've ever done. I've been chain vaping at 3mg for a couple years now and i'm even trying to quit that because i would rather save my money for weed.Also, in the long run, it cant be good for you.

    I think there are two types of stoners, the unevolved stoner who has shit health and the evolved stoner who takes good care of their health. I'm trying to be the second type now because I'm almost 25. Gotta take up running or something again and eat healthier, throw the vape in the trash and save my dough for the plant of the earth

    As far as weed damaging lungs, the only way i consistently smoke is out of a water bong (supposedly thats the safest besides vaping weed?) If you put ice in it it helps too. I don't even smoke anything rolled unless i have no choice or i am at a concert or something

    But my definitive argument is thus: nicotine suppresses my horny level, weed increases my horny level. Is there even a debate here?? :biggrin:
  9. i've never touched cigarettes before other than like 1 or 2 drags from my friends juul. for anyone stuck on nicotine just smoke more weed and stay busy
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  10. I was an idiot and smoked cigs for a couple years, then i started vaping, now i'm currently vaping at 3mg and having a bitch of a time even kicking that but whatever iron willpower i guess. Who knows what the fuck is in those chemicals and shit.

    I used to be a runner in high school, just started running again and it's a way better way to stay skinny than smoking/vaping. Running while high is a great way to numb pain while getting exercise. And if i can kick even the vapes thats all the more money for bud :biggrin:
  11. Mind over matter friend. I was just about to 2 packs of cowboy killers a day then i quit cold turkey. It's been almost three years since I've smoked a cigarette. You can do it.

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  12. Sadly i cannot quit nicotine..need that bread in the chop up for bongs...
  13. I quit smoking tobacco twice; once for seven years and, then, finally twenty-two years ago.
    I am a tobacco addict. I may not smoke even one puff.
    Each time that I DECIDED to stop, I substituted hard, round, toothpicks.
    Each time, after two boxes of toothpicks, I’d kicked the habit.
    How tough are YOU?
  14. :sick: A bong with tobacco in it, now that makes me wanna puke. Just pack small snaps of bud, no need for tobacco
  15. i'm almost off nic for good, i weaned down my nic level on vapes and by the new year i'm just gonna ditch it entirely. more money for weed too lol. tbh i was starting to get worried about the long term effects of the unprounceable chemicals and shit. better to just drink more water and exercise more and smoke more weed
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  16. I just turned 50 and I’ve got to finally quit after smoking since my teens. I’m wanting to vape but now there is so much going on with it.
  17. Great guide, going to start my quitting process soon, it’s just so hard since smoking was my crutch for stress in the army lmfao but now that I’m out I might as well put down cigs for good
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  18. I got a ounce of a high cbd strain rolled it all up into quarter gram joints and some Nicoret mints when ever I want a cigar I pop a mint and smoke a joint been 4 days no nicotine.
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  19. Slipped up and had a cigar few weeks back. Smoked it but got nuthin off it. I’m at day 12 no smoking for me.
  20. I've been off nicotine and tobacco products for almost a year and a half!

    I smoked cigarettes for eleven years. My quit began involuntarily when I was ill and couldn't leave the couch or bed for a couple months. I hadn't really planned on stopping, yet I knew I didn't want to keep finding new burn holes and cleaning up ash everywhere. Truth be told, I love the smell of fresh tobacco smoke, although the remaining odor of stale, lingering smoke is nasty and it's what you're left with.

    What helps me avoid the mistakes I made in the past is the reminder that smoking is a coarse lifestyle choice.

    Reasons to stop and stay off tobacco...
    Smoking causes bladder pain and discomfort. It can make you urinate 5 times as often as normal. I noticed this often as a smoker. I had to pee 50x as much as everyone else, not 5. How inconvenient. I was always thirsty with a dry mouth too.

    If you already have skin issues like eczema and psoriasis, smoking will irritate and inflame the site of the condition and cause it to spread. Acne and dry flaking skin may develop.

    It'll make your tits sag.

    It kinda gives people that sunken faced, toothless, homeless look if you keep at it for long enough.

    Smoking makes your hair harder, coarser, thinner and less soft and shiny.

    I have more to add but cannot gather all my thoughts at the moment.
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