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A stoner's guide to quitting nicotine

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Freedom, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. My first day quitting today, probably my 2nd serious attempt to quit in 4 years of smoking half or pack a day.

    I dont need it

    Its not worth it, now or in the long run

    I want to be positive and reach my goal of quitting, yes I made a mistake and I can fix it.

    First real struggle for me is that I get very cranky, just knowing I cant resort to a smoke is annoying me but I dont want some fucked up disease either.

    I am going to put aside $10 every other day, usually my general pattern for buying smokes. This should help.

    Stay Strong all my fellow cig quitters.
  2. When I quit cigs I told myself, you either commit, or don't buy a pack. If you are a heavy smoker I suggest not quitting cold turkey but possibly stop buying packs and be a bum (sounds like shit) but it works, and of course reimburse those you bum heavily.
    shit one time I bought my buddy a pack to hold for me so I would only grab a cig or two.
    Little by little i've stopped, its been an ongoing process for about 4 years now.
    It sucks especially when your stressed or just want to feel the breeze and catch a drag but just remember when your walking up those stairs and begin wheezing or cough up that black fleghm (not bud related), that should be a little motivation to start in the right direction.
    honestly the biggest thing that made me quit was working out. You can't work out efficiently and smoke cigs daily it just doesn't work. And when you prefer to have a nice body and some $ as well you start to prioritize and leave the stupid shit behind.
    good luck on anyone whos trying to quit, its a bitch i know!
  3. Great guide! I have been a non smoker for 3 weeks and I must say that there are many benefits! The first step to quitting is to realise that you must quit! You will need a lot of motivation , but, to be honest it is easier than i expected!
  4. I really want to try quitting cigarettes again. I need to save money and I'm tired of having an addiction that forces me to stop what I'm doing several times a day so I can go outside to breathe in poison. I ve thought about e cigs for a while I know it's cheaper and healthier but I've never bought it because I know a lot of smokers who spent money on e cigs but never really used them. Are they a good alternative or do they not really work and am I going to end up probably wasting money?
  5. i wouldn';t go E-cig it's just another hook and sinker...and you will spend about the same if not more especially if you like customizing your pen and gettin fancy oils n all that..nah..just chew gum, keep a bag of chips around like Hahn from fast n furious, and take er easy. Quitting blows but the results are dope. Remember stay away from smokers at all cost, ride with your windows down, if you feel the need, take a drink of water or chew some got thiss
  6. I am very happy for you......................

  7. My wife is on day 8 with Chantix. We celebrated 1 week of no cigs by eating at a nice Indian restaurant.
    Chantix is expensive but the investment in my Blondie's health is worth much more.
  8. Simple, buy a $1 cigarette reminiscent 1 hitter from your local gas station and fill it with weed instead of poison haha. I do it all of the time anyways and I can smoke anywhere I want any time, on the road, on the corner, wherever I damn well wish. It's funny because they don't fuck with me because they think I'm smoking the shit that used to destroy my lungs. But if they knew it was a healthy medicinal herb that has killed no one in human history in comparison to cigs killing millions each year, they'd arrest me haha. Fuck the system, peace and love is the mission!

    I AM GROOVEY Green.jpg

  9. I was just wondering.. i know people say weed isn't a gateway drug but for some reason when i am high and there's people smoking cigarettes around me i tend to have a stronger urge pulling me to lighting one up then when sober. Anyone else experience this or can shed some light ?

  10. I've switched to e-cigs (the vape kind) and quit about 7 weeks ago. It helps a lot having the nicotine and also a smoking like sensation.

    I still crave cigs every now and then but I feel much more in control now
    For me, nicotine amplifies any high I have. It is a stimulants I I could see that being true.

    Like if I smoke a blunt and a cig after, I feel much higher
  11. used to intern at a hospital for the tobacco cessation program. chewing big red helps because after you chew it, if you smoke, the taste is terrible and it makes you want to put the cigarette out. Also smoking mullein helps

  12. Save your trimmings and smoke them instead.
  13. Good info, thanks for posting it.
  14. I started smoking herb when I was 12 and picked up cigs when I was 17...because I was a dumb ass. I quit cigs a year ago (i'm 26 now). The BIG things i've notice in myself or my friends is, "I'll quit after this pack, don't want to be wasteful" "I'll quit after mid-terms" "I'll quit tomorrow"
    No you won't. What I recommend is to keep 1 cig and throw the rest of the pack away. If you have a cigarette, you won't feel the need to bum one from a buddy. When you want one, grab it, don't light it up. It sounds silly but this was the easiest way for me to quit. If you want to quit, then do it today. Who cares about wasting $3 in smokes (assuming you're at the half-pack mark when you decide to quit) . Life will suck for the first few days. Try to keep yourself busy. You'll be really happy you quit. and think of all the cash you'll be saving--by yourself a nice fat sack every week! I've also noticed that my high is much cleaner without nicotine. maybe its just me though.
    You can quit. I have faith in you. "Don't dream it, BE it."--RHPS.

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  15. Here is a great video that explains addictions.
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  16. Just had my last cig after 12 years. Bought an e-cig vape pen, trying to curb the withdrawals for now. I've actually surprised myself with how well I've done.

    Why quit, you ask? Well, the smell became nauseating and seemingly out of nowhere -- my breath, my clothes, my car, my fingertips. When you combine the smell with the shortness of breath (I'm trying to run/bike more at a stamina like I used to five years ago), unfulfilled olfactories and general lack of health benefits, it made sense. Now, I drank a couple beers one day since quitting but not enough booze to want a cig, apparently. That was my downfall, really, smoking when boozing. I guess I'll see how the vape thing goes and live on from there.

    Oh, and I've done all of this without any real-life support. Willpower, bro.
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  17. It's very nice information. Thank you for postings
  18. I've been an ex smoker for about 5 years now. Tried the patch and hypnosis. Both just made me smoke more. I finally quit cold turkey while harnessing the power of anger and self loathing. I've never considered myself to be a weak person so I became enraged that I was getting my ass kicked by cigarettes and ashamed. Whenever I felt like a butt I would give myself a little pep talk that went something like this..."so you want to smoke you worthless little pussy? You disgusting weak little shit ..." It would go on like that for a while till the craving passed. Got some weird looks from other people sometimes but it was worth it. Been free from cigarettes ever since and I don't smoke blunts because I have to stay away from tobacco.
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    Lung cancer is the only genetic malady that runs in my family. I smoked for about 15 years and eventually I fuckin hated it. I just couldn't quit. I couldn't imagine driving a car in traffic without a cigarette or waking up in the morning and not having one. I tried a lot of different things to quit smoking cigs. Patch, gum, chewing tobacco, acupuncture and hypnosis. Eventually I just gave up and started being comfortable with the idea of dying young. I'm tired anyway.

    I started dating a girl who systematically brought her crown rig to my house. She had the 6mg juice so it was a good substitute for cigarettes when I didn't feel like going out on my balcony to smoke a cig, especially when it was 5 degrees outside. Eventually she upgraded to a crown 2 and I purchased her rig secondhand for 40 bucks. I began to use it more frequently and as time passed I realized I was down to one or even no cigarettes a day. I eventually stopped buying packs and I don't think I've had a cig in about a year. As far as the vaping goes, I still hit mine occasionally but not more than twice a week. I went down to 3mg then 0mg juices eventually and that teeth-clenching craving totally went away. I'd strongly recommend giving the whole vape method a shot and slowly scaling down nicotine until you're at 0. The best part is that going from 3 to 0mg you don't even notice any change in flavor or "satisfaction" if you use the same exact flavor, making it even easier to break the nicotine addiction. Even if you decide to continue vaping with or without nicotine, and although they're not exactly healthy, vapes are potentially still a better option health-wise than cigs.

    Oh and I'd like to add that I literally NEVER crave cigarettes anymore. If I ever get a nicotine itch, I hit my girl's vape twice and it goes away. I much prefer a "strawberry-coconut" smell while scratching said itch to the smell of a cat shit fire in my apartment. This is coming from someone who smoked over a pack of Newports a day.
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  20. Once you are a addicted to nicotine,
    Becoming a ex-smoke was more like a journey for me than a destination.

    Smoked for 9 years - First attempt to stop was for 8 months, started smoking again for 2 years.

    Then stopped smoking last year March last year. Started again in November and stopped March this year.


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