A stoner's guide to quitting nicotine

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  1. Officially nicotine free. Was just going to switch to e-cigs from the real thing but even those lost their appeal. I was still using up until 3 days ago when I got sicker than shit, and now even the thought of vapor makes me nauseous. 
    If you wanna quit, get sick, they'll never sound good again.

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    Hard to quit cannabis is so much better of herb

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  3. For me, I only ever smoked tobacco with joints, I kicked cigarettes a number of years before I finally knocked the spliffs on the head.
    Once I was ready to go 100% vape, while it was by no means a walk in the park my addiction/dependence had been reduced significantly. This was before e-cigarettes though, if these had been around at the time I reckon I'd definitely have used them in conjunction with a weed vape. 
    Yo you! :D  How's it going? :poke:
    Still no cigs...:D
    Proud of myself...
    Yeah...I cheated with an ecig, but I'm using that less than a third as much as I did at the start, and I've cut the nicotine content in the juice down to 1/4 what it was, so we're talking 1/12 the nicotine I started with...
    To me, the ritual of lighting up a cig has always been the hardest to kick, and it seems like I have...so far...
    Good to see you girl...it's been way too long...:love:
  6. :wave: :cool:  Fucking A dude! :hello:  And shit, don't worry about the e-cig, use it when you need it, it's far preferable to cigs and way easier to quit.
    Well the fuck done!  (Where's the little celebration smilie gone?)
    I know man, I barely post here anymore, I'm so fucking busy, if only my bosses knew I was a total pot head who's stoned every day at work, they'd never be getting me to do what they are lol.
    You can get away with a lot when you're a smart, cute pothead...;)
    Celebration smiley? the yay one? :yay:
    I figure quitting the ecig will be easier to taper off of than actual cigs...so far, so good...:cool:
  8. Thanks man
    Okay, where's the fucking :embarrassed: smilie?!!  No wonder I never come here anymore, how am I suppose to express myself through the medium of just words? :p
    The celebration smilie was the one with the cute party hat and thing (forgot the word for it, this is why I need smilies!)  Help me man!  or else what is the point having a buddy who's a mod? :D ;)
  9. Don't think I remember a celebration smiley...:confused_2:
    Does that mean I have to hand in my mod sash? :(
  10. is this true? I herd a vary long time ago that they make these pills for people who want to quit smoking cigs. So once you take these pills and start smoking a cig it will make you throw up. or something. I dont see how its possible. but that would just be dumb annoying, and talk about some will power and commitment
  11. I couldn't have said it better my self OP. only thing I might add is don't go cold turkey. add goals at first like I Wont smoke inside the house. I wont smoke first thing in the morning. I wont smoke inside the car at all.
    doing this lowers the frequency you smoke. it also lowers the levels of nicotine in the body. less nicotine for longer periods means easier come down.
    I have quit about 3 times. I seem to pick up smoking every 3-4 years for what ever reason. but I always wean down to 1 ciggeratte a day before I quit. I will light the cigg and take a couple drags then put it out.
    also try to quit in the middle of the first day. this will give you like 6-10 hours of the first day with out nicotine then you get the 8-12 hours or how ever much you sleep to work out the peak of the withdrawal.
    my routine goes like this. after working down to 1 smoke a day the night before quitting I make sure not to smoke anything at all. the next day I will only have 1 or 2 puffs around noonish. after those last puffs is when I throw all my shit away. ashtrays and old butts. I clean my car, house, cloths everything. so from noon to about midnight I have the beginning stages of nicotine withdrawal, which really isn't bad. I take some Benadryl at night and sleep. by morning time I already have 18-20 hours of nicotine free. after that its no more smoking and I really never have a problem after day 1.
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    Thanks for the guide OP, a lot can be learned from reading your words. I purchased my last pack last night and quit day is set for Thursday. Hoping to join you on the nicotine free side of life. :)
  13. I'm 20, 4 cigs a day smoker and I just can't seem to kick it completly. Honesty it's too hard when both your rents smoke and cigs are all over the place. But I have cut down my smoking by a bunch. I'm gonna see if I can taper the smoking down instead of cold turkey but half the challenge will be getting my parents to do it with me lol. Anyways, I have so much respect for everyone who kicked cigs in their face. I wish I was more like you Guys..

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  14. Should I quit smoking a blunt ( Backwood or Dutch) even though I smoke it like once or twice a month?

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  15. Good for you IG. :hello: It's been a few years since tom and I quit. We smoked a joint every time we wanted a cigarette. We lost a lot of car keys then and we still do but we don't stink like ashtrays anymore (PUKE SMILEY) :hello:
    You've started to think about quitting, that's the first stage and very important.  Try to remember you have the power, you just have to make the decision.  Good luck :)
    There's only one person who knows the answer to that. ;)
  17. Well been a smoker for about 12 years about a pack a day habit. And honestly I enjoy smoking. I have my trigger moments such as being on the phone, driving, bored, or social smoking. But I think I'm ready to try to quit. I have quit in the past for about 6 months but I got back on it. I don't know why I did.
    The reason I am thinking about quitting is due to several health issues that I need to quit for. Now here comes the problem... I live with 2 indoor smokers. Any advise on quitting when you are around smokers all day and cant get away from it?
    • Ask them to be respectful of your decision and try to minimise doing it in front of you
    • Remove yourself from any exposure prone situations
    • Decide now that you will not let this affect you, it will make it tough at times but promise yourself now that you won't be weakened by someone else's actions and then stick to it.  You have the power.
    • Remember why you're doing it.  You will be healthier than them with a greater chance of living longer, what benefits will they get?
    Good luck!
  19. I quit smoking with instantly with dip. I'll still have an occasional stoge but I loves me some nicotine! Congrats on quitting though! This guide was pretty cool

  20. Sounds corny bit just do it. E cigs are not the answer!

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