A stoner's guide to quitting nicotine

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  1. Been smoking for 8-9 years since I was 15. I find it difficult living with my rents who both smoke. Planning on quitting cold turkey March 1st since I will be moving in with my Uncle in Georgia who doesn't. Plus I won't have the money to buy cigs since I need to find a job before I run out of money down there. Should work out well I hope. Weed was to damn easy to quit compared to cigs. But of course I will pick the weed back up once I have found employment. Been 6-7 months since I've had the holy herb :(

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     your habit is sparking up when you make a phone call[​IMG]
  3. Used my mflb with weed to stop smoking, 6th feb was my last day. Had some bad stomach pains and headaches at first which I think was linked but I'm all good now. Very happy, was a smoker for 9 years.
  4. Im a light smoker and just love a cig after certain things (When i wake up and drink a cup of tea / coffee, after a meal etc) so i don't want to quit smoking. Anybody here that smokes around 5 cigs a day and was able to keep it this way for a long time ? 
  5. Thought I'd pop in here to leave a tip: Don't bum cigarettes if you are trying to quit. It's not actually quitting. -___- lol
  6. It really motivated us and I will tell your story to my friend who want quit smoking but can't because he is very bad addicted. I hope he will follow your way to quit smoking.
  7. Sounds like me. I definitely have made smoking a habit but I don't have more than 5 a day. In my head that's a shitload and I can't understand how anyone can finish a pack in one day. I would feel like absolute dogshit if I smoked that much.

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    I've been smoking for about 4 years now off and on; however over the last 6 months it's become a bit of a problem. Long story short I had to quit cigarettes because it would fuck up my chest and because it would cause difficulty breathing. I decided to make the switch to e-cigarettes. You're able to buy the juice with different levels of nicotine (4,6,12 and 24mg) as well as ones without nicotine. My plan is to slowly remove the nicotine from my daily routine and eventually quit. So far so good too, I've gone from 12mg to 6mg and have no cravings (which would control my life normally). E cigs aren't marketed as cessation devices however the patch and gum do piss all for me and this is going great. If you tried everything and no luck, try what I'm doing. Hope this helps :)

    Silly me forgot an important part! E-cigs have none of the cocktail of carcinogens that regular cigarettes do, which is the main reason I switched, hence what was causing my chest problems

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  9. Thank you for making this thread. One Love :)
  10. I plan to quit cigs soon as this carton is gone but I've said that a lot. I have cut back to making a pack last a few days though which is a start.

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  11. I'm 4 months in now, this thread certainly contributed towards my will power, so thank you :).
  12. No cigs for 7 days now...an eternity for me...:)
  13. Congrats man! Itl be 7 month dip free on the 30th!
    Congrats buddy! :hello:  Don't ever put yourself through this again ok? :)  Remember you are doing this for really good reasons and there's NO SUCH THING as just one cigarette.  For reelz. :p
    Best of luck to you.  You're a star :metal:
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    Yeah...learned my lesson there...that's how I got started again long ago after quitting for years...fool me once...
    After my recent bout with pneumonia, I decided maybe it's time I start taking a little better care of myself...
    Still cig free... :D
  16. good job, because I saw natural american spirit and said the same thing, il use them to ween off because cigars are nasty. That was a year and a half ago and i still smoke natural american spirit, theyre pretty good and they burn slow but they aint gona help you quit.
  17. I need to chill out on the smokes. Been picking it up more the last six months...
    Started at 16 years old and have always not taken it too far. I've only smoked a pack a day like three times in my life. Usually it's one a day before/during work, or a few when I drink booze. I want to run five miles again (on my bad knees). Sigh.
  18. Quit smoking cigarettes 3 years ago with chantix, only took it for a month. Haven't picked up a cigarette since, actually when I picked up my first J since quitting I felt like I was cheating, still kind of do, so I most of the time stick to smoking out of pipe or bong
  19. I quit by throwing/giving the tobacco away and not buying more.

    Eventually the cravings stopped, but i still get em when stressed.

    I just bottle that shit up :smoke:
  20. I watched my mother die of emphysema. It scared the bejesus outta me and i quit.

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