A Stoners Cat

Discussion in 'General' started by meatwad, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. This just happened and it struck me as funny

    So I am just sitting here looking at grasscity when my cat decides to jump up on my lap. She just starts going crazy and starts to lick up all the small particles of weed on my plate I use. When she finished with that she found some stems on my desk and started eating them.

    She has never shown an interest in weed at all. Sometimes when Im smoking out of a pipe she will sit on my lap and chill while Im smoking.

    She never did anything like this before I gave her catnip so I have come to the conclusion that Catnip is a gateway drug for cats.
  2. lol i think i read somewhere that catnip is like drugs for cats
  3. Aww.
    You're your kitty's dealer!! hehe
  4. I made sure to get the stuff marked premium. If I get dank my cat gets dank.:smoke:

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