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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Awake&Bake, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Nothing turns me on more than a pothead...or some one who handles with sweet mary jane.And its so hard to find a guy who will accept that I'm a major pothead and that it would be easier if he smoked every day with me and we can make stoner love togather all high and shit. Most of them are what I like to call "pussy smokers" who only smoke a couple of times a month, you think their big stoners like yourself until you get with them and they don't even own a one hitter,Then they break up with you because "you smoke way too much marijuana" I really don't see myself with anyone who doesnt enjoy weed like I do, if your out there and reading this....e-mail me ;-)

    "I don't do drugs....just weed"
  2. You came to the right place! Warm welcome to the City! Lots of potheads to be found here I know for sure. In my world it's vice versa, never met a real stoner girl. Check out the Recreational Marijuana Use/Seasoned Tokers board here to talk about mary jane and usage. This board is for growing (something you should consider, it's even more addictive than the sweet cheeba :))

    But is this some lovin' request lol? I bet there are lots of dudes interested here....:) (Heck, maybe even me lol)
  3. We should get a 1-900-pot-love phone sex sponsored by grasscity.

    *In sexy voice*
    "Hi, this is shorty otto matix and I'm slowly trimming fans leaves. What do you want me to do to this sweet, unpollinated, little girl. Something nasty I hope."


    Weed phone sex..... where'd I point my joint?
  4. got any pics?

  5. lmfao!!! hahahaha!

    welcome to the city awake & bake!

    good luck on ur quest for a weed lovin man!

    but, just a quick note, not all men are bothered if u smoke and they don't. i've been with my hubs for almost 13yrs and he doesn't smoke at all. myself, i luuuuuuv da bud;)
  6. We would be perfect together..

    I grow and smoke when I want and as much as i want.

    Welcome the city.. We have OFFF"s here.

    Old Fried Farts.. LOL We smoke alot!

    The only thing better than Mary Jane, is a woman to share it with!!!!!!
  7. haha i love mary jane and i have the same prob finding a chick who likes it just as much lol looks like were in the same boat, hopefully theres bud on this boat :)
  8. my perfect woman....lol........buggar ......im ...married.....lol..


    laters jay
  9. Join the club i a dude that every chick i go out with bitchs at me casue all i like to do is smoke and smoke. Hell i am high right now . I smoke everyday many times a day and i am born on 420 just looking out for some one who can keep up with me
  10. Moved to the 'Introduce yourself' forum.
    Welcome to The City btw and I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for...
  11. If you live in the NE GA area, you're in luck. Otherwise, nice to meet you and welcome to the City :)
  12. I would have no problem with that... assuming you wouldn't have me pay for it all :) Other then thate I can relate.
  13. Well hopefully I will find my weed smokin King in here. That would be awesome. I should post a picture on here..i will in time. I have a question for anyone who knows...I've been getting this really good shit...it's red hair and white hair mixed..and i already have some red hair growing but i want the white hair cuz it kicks ass, but someone told me that the white hair seeds are different from the usual, i was wondering is that true or are they all the same looking? any way....i'm confused. ha

    p.s... i'm still awaiting my pothead love ;-)
  14. White Hair? Never heard of that strain before... Note that there are numerous strains to get. check Overgrow's Strainguide for most of them..http://www.overgrow.com/strainguide/

    No strain called white hair in there though...
  15. i think maybe shes talking about the white hairs u get on the buds from breeds like white rhino and white widow?

  16. She's talking about white hairs on the bud. Like the red hairs you see on a lot of buds.

    Awake&Bake...you got any instant messengers? We should chat, my-ex's always told me that I smoked too much pot, and its rare to find a girl (locally) that loves to smoke and smoke and smoke pot.
  17. "I don't do drugs....just weed"

    LOL, nice quote awake&bake...from the movie Half Baked...gotta love that movie.
  18. Stoner girls are hot welcome to the city friend. Im sure youll make lots of new friends here. :)
  19. yes i do have a messenger. It's AOL IM WeaponOfSpirit

    Message me anytime my friend ;-)
  20. My girlfriend doesn't like me smoking weed :( downer, although there's nothing better than trying to get more people to smoke weed :)

    hahaha you're really up for it aren't you? If you like football you sound like a guys ideal dream. (i don't like football by the way)

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