A stoned reuinion buzz kill

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mercy, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. okay I see all theses stories so I had to post mine.
    I hung out with a group of people about 3 years back we lost touch and I started hangin out with a bunch of different people. When my old crew found out my number and where I lived they showed up on my door step wanting to take me out. Who was I to not go I spent some good times with these people and I loved em. We hoped in the cars and headed to their "old" smoke spot at an old radio tower. So here we were smokin bowl after bowl. When who arrived but the wonderful protecters of our nice little town, who just loved to bust up our even more wonderful smoke sessions. So as this cop is searching us asking us some questions the usually. Then the cop asks me to come over to his car he started asking me the story about the guys I was with.( I was the only girl there) the damn cop was asking me how well I new these guys while checking me out anywhore he send me back over wit the rest of them. By this time we're all about to shit our pants THEN another cruser pulls up. It was nuts he got us to empty our pockets no probalem Then an unmarked narked car pulls up and gives us the biggest lecture Okay now we're all freaked they ended up only charging us with trustpassing and took our ounce took pictures of my friends cars and took off. I wonder what they did seeing as how the first place they stopped was mc dicks
  2. wow that must have screwed your high :(
  3. It did but the first cop told us if we were gonna do it to at least do it at someones house so we went to our buddys and started over

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