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a sticky situation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VitaminJ, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. its been a while since i cleaned either of my pieces, both metal. i know rubbing alcohol and salt in a bag, shake it up, works wonders. unfortunately, i dont have any rubbing alcohol at my apartment, and im not in a situation where i can obtain some. i did, however, find a bottle of cointreu, so i ask you all, will soaking my bowl in this cause any damage to it? i already tried it and the resin is definitely coming off (about 20 minutes and what was once clear alcohol now looks like pond water), and i cant imagine it would do too much, but i'd like to make sure
  2. I wouldn't. Boil some water and soak your pieces in it. After they soak for a while use a paperclip to break up the resin and soak/shake it in the water again. It'll work almost as well as iso and salt :)
  3. #3 VitaminJ, Aug 1, 2011
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    ahh thank you laydum

    edit: does that smell all that much? my neighbors get kinda paranoid, and i try not to blaze in my apartment for that reason
  4. I love how iso 99% alcohol is 1.29. I just buy a shit load each time. :D

    Boiling water works great too but doing both makes my pieces look brand new.
  5. Just boil it, boiling is only bad for glass pipes, with metal pipes it doesn't matter
  6. thanks everyone, the boiling definitely did the trick, and it didnt smell all that much. ive been cleaning my bowls by hand for about 3 years now and theyve never looked this pretty XD
  7. Just remember to never boil glass pipes

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