a step in the hydro department?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by highawatha, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. ive brought my pond plnts in for the winter and there in a huge tote with water a pump and hoses (sp) that just dont look right). seem to be doing nicely. now this hydro buisness,all this swishy water is a little intimidating i must admit. but i always think about it because of the much quicker harvest, i have the basic idea and now that i see how my pond plants are working, how much of a step would i need to take in order to grow other plants in almost the same manner? im thinking not much. course id have to use a different medium?...(pebbles are what the pond plants are rooted through) and concerning me the most would be the chemicals in the water. probably much easier than ive imagined. buuut i think ive made a tiny baby step, and that gets me to thinking :D

  2. What do you want to know little indian dude? your wish is our command.

    First off you need the right lights to make it work.

    After that, time and effort........
  3. well im thinking about 2, 150 watt hps deals i think that would work nicely.(cough,cough thanks husbands shop :)) but could growing lovely flowers be as easy as my pond plants? soooo i guess my question darlin, is am i on the right track.root systems in moving water with balanced chemicals and correct lighting. is it as easy as that?
  4. right ph, right ec, right cf, right temp, lots of oxygen = good hydro, not to hard, but i like my dirt personally. There is lots of good general hydr info all over the net, i would say read up a bit and see if it fancies ya :)

  5. Yes it's as easy as that. :D

    Water, air, light and food is all they need in the right dosage at the right time. They don't call it weed for nothing.

    If you want a bubbler or aeroponic system, I know who to ask,; if you want a flood and drain system, I got another person to teach you.

    can you get a pH test kit or meter and the ferts? That's all you really need to start once you have the lights.
  6. yea puffy i can get those things easily. this is going to be very interesting.oooh im excited :D

  7. build a bubbler setup. They have to be the easiest hydro systems. look at the overgrow FAQ's in my sig about how to make a bubbler setup. all you need is a aquairum pump, 3-5 gal buckets, airstones, netpots, growrocks, ferts, water and some seeds or clones. It about $20-$35 to build a bucket, if you have around 6 buckets (about what you should have growing SOG under the 150x2 you want) its cheaper to buy a big ass pro aquarium airpump and ave that feed the airstones(overkill is best). After building the system its just ferts to pay for and no spent-root filled soil to get rid of.

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