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  1. One of the things I really wanted to do was start a small "garden" at my old apartment but we did not have private balconies. So now that Im in my new place I figured it was a good to start now that we have a balcony to ourselves. A co-worker gave us some home grown banana peppers and I figured this was the perfect start to a garden.

    I have six solo cups seeded and set out. I dont plan on using any herbicide or bug spray. Trying to keep this fairly close to natural.

    being as its day 1, this wont be very interesting for a little while but Ill post up any progress. I plan on buying some wood and constructing various shelves and tables for these and future plants. :wave:

  2. sweet man, hope it all works out for you, dont know how much room you have but you could try getting a big pot and putting a small stump/log in the bottom before filling with organic soil, this will retain a lot of water and nutrients and some plants do tons better with this method:
    here is an interesting off site thread with someone doing hte same: Organic Container Growing (organic forum at permies)

  3. thats a great idea! thanks for the tip. I have quite a bit of room actually and the woman was wanting the entire balcony to be "like a rainforest" hahaha so the more plant life the better :hello:
  4. sounds fun man
    if youre going for more of a rainforest effect and to cut down on watering even more and what not, plant some polycultures and maybe some not-so invasive groundcovers so there isnt any exposed soil, if nothing else, at least mulch to help everything grow a little better, and if "the woman" is your wife or anything you might consider some edible flowers like nasturtiums or something, pretty, yet useful:)
  5. i love banana peppers. they seem to grow much better and stronger than traditional 'bell' varieties... at least in my experience. keep us updated :]
  6. Subd for results.
  7. So far nothing new going on. Been trying to keep a little water (not much) on them since the heat here is so bad right now.

    Ive done some reading and some of it has said that you are suppose to let the seed dry for 30-90 days prior to planting which I did not do. Most people have said tossing them into dirt is just fine and they will grow. So I guess we will see if drying them is actually necessary or not. Maybe that just helps but doesnt have to be done?

    If these seeds fail to produce anything, Ill end up buying some seed I guess and start over.
  8. ^sometimes things just dont start growing lol but just keeping planting a bunch of seeds and see what comes up, thats my general strategy anyway:)
  9. Well no one around town has any seed for sale so I am ordering some seeds online.

    Italian Pepperoncini Pepper
    Greek Oregano
    Early Jalapeno Pepper

    also going to buy some Avocado and start a couple trees. Itll take ~4 years for them to produce fruit though
  10. nice man, the avocado's are fun, i just am never there to make sure they get brought in AND taken care of in the winter lol
    otherwise mine would probably be about 4 feet tall about now...
  11. So the one avocado seed that had the small split in the top now split in a new spot completely down the middle. Looks like its growing from the exact center BUT it looks like its growing up side down. I was always told that the flat thick end is suppose to be the bottom but the small thing growing in the middle of it looks like its got a point growing towards the bottom. So I am not sure what is going on and if I should flip the seed. I guess Ill just keep an eye on it and see what happens.

    the small original split:


    new split:


    the thing growing in the middle. If you look close you can see the point of it is facing down:

  12. im pretty sure its fine, cant remember exactly but i think the split is where the original taproot comes out...
  13. cool thank you. the split is a little bit bigger today and I changed out the water so its nice and fresh. Hopefully this starts growing pretty quick now.

    Also got an email a couple days ago saying that my seeds had shipped. My plan to build a nice outdoor set up is being put off though. The woman got her wisdom teeth taken out and the place said her insurance covered it but then after they pulled them, oh your insurance doesnt cover heres a bill for 1500 dollars. We are going to call tomorrow and complain because thats not right. if they keep giving us troubles we will take it up with the medical board and the BBB. Right now she can pay for rent but nothing else. So of course that means I have to cover for her. Its a mess.
  14. ^thats bullshit man, i hate it when business's secretly charge or tell you one thing and do another...

    i changed water every two days or so to keep the Dissolved Oxygen up
  15. yeah its crap dude but luckily our apartment said we could wait till we got paid again to pay rent so money is ok for now. We are still dealing with the insurance company and the office trying to figure out everything.

    I already got my seeds from the mail. Ive actually had them for over a week now hahaha and planted some of the greek oregano but need to get some dirt and pots for the peppers.
  16. first of the Greek Oregano

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    a few days ago:


    the root is twice as long so I planted it finally:


    also both sets of greek oregano are starting to pop up a TON of sprouts. again this was from a few days ago:


  18. congrats, i hope your avocado last longer than mine did, should be fun to grow and cool beans on the oregano, i only got a few plants this year, but then again im pretty lazy about planting, i sorta just throw seeds around lol
  19. [​IMG]


    so the banana peppers never did anything and the greek oregano hasnt changed at all and some have died off. the only thing really doing well is the avocado.

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