A speech without a teleprompter

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    Adam Kokesh gives one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Straight from the heart, no teleprompter.


    He is an ex marine and he is running for Congress coming 2010. Don't support the Republicrats. Let the 3rd party rise
  2. Really nice speech, but is he not looking down at something on the podium pretty often?

    Still though, nice speech.
  3. lol the background music makes it way more dramatic than it is

    still a great solid speech though, i basically agree with him 100% i guess

    but then again hitler made some great heartfelt speeches too :p
  4. haha yeah the music is overkill... especially when the Starship Troopers music comes on
  5. Don't forget the democrat too! ;)

    Great speech!
  6. Yeah, mon. I've been following Adam's speeches for a while now -- when he was campaigning for Ron Paul. He's a fighter that will stand out like a shining star in The House. We need younger go getters like him as our representatives. I wish him the best of luck in the race.
  7. It is up to this generation to effect change. If we continue down this path, America will be destroyed.
  8. I thought he was planning on running as a Republican?
  9. QFT. this whole point of having a party is to have ideals to stand behind. if partys go around changing their ideals then whats the point of the party?

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