A Song of Ice and Fire (gane of thrones) theories

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    So we all know jon snow is really rhaegar targaryens son, not eddards.

    Syrio Forel is still alive and was Jaqen Hagar in season 2, and a faceless man.

    Jon Snow will get together with Danaerys Targaryen. I know youre thinking ew, because dany would be jons aunt, but incest is the dragonlords thing. Also, this would account for the series name A Song of Ice and Fire, with the joining of the starks of winterfell to the targaryen dragonlords.

    Bran will have a huge roll to play in this. Im not sure what the children of the forest have planned for him, but he is a key player in this story.

    Who is the Prince that was promised?

    Will the others affect essos?

    Whats Davos getting Rickon back going to lead to, remember stannis also jas the iron bank behind him now.


    I think Arya will go against her training and seek vengeance on those that have harmed her House.

    Littlefinger and Varys are behind EVERYTHING?

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