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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by d0llbaby, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. It's been published, so there is a copy right!!
    but i thought y'all might wanna check it out.....

    "In The Dark"

    Lying in the dark I see your eyes
    Lit up like the stars on a moonless night
    Lying in your arms I feel the warmth
    Wrapped up together as we bare this storm

    (verse 1)
    Tonight I felt the fire in our love
    Rain drops falling from the clouds above
    Lightening dances on our lips
    Electric touches in our finger tips

    This is how love is supposed to feel
    Everything inside me tells me it's real
    Cause you and I were meant to be
    I care for you as you care for me

    Repeat refrain

    Time has no place for you and I
    Our love is as endless as the sky
    Though our hearts are heavey as can be
    This is the way things have to be

    (Verse 4)
    But lightening will dance on our lips
    Feel those electric touches in our finger tips
    Cause you and I were meant to be
    I care for you as you care for me

    Repeat Refrain....

    So Tell me what y'all think, and please be as honest as possible....Thanks All

  2. well.... kinda red roses and all that fluffy stuff... well some like it that way.
  3. red roses and fluffy stuff lol

    i think the lyrics sound awesome!i really like it. what kind of tempo and i'd like to know what kind of music is backin it up too
  4. That song has a medium tempo with a mixed sound... i listen to everything except country...i have only written a cupple of songs i mostly write poetry...Love if all fluffy and stuff...if you've ever been in love...then you should know what i mean...thanks for the feed-back :) glad to hear y'll liked it...

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