a solid cross joint i rolled (pics are up now)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by JGarcia+ME=THC, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Well now I don't see very much. Perhaps you might try and upload the pictures again. Lets see some pics!
  2. thats just cause its invisible
  3. shit im to high for this im gunna try it again
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    People, learn to copy and paste URL's...it's not that hard.

    Nice joint, but it's not a cross joint....:confused_2:

    EDIT: That thing looks sick.
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    Now thats a nice cross joint!
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    Man that's the best cross joint i've ever seen.;)

    EDIT!: Nice shit man. Looks great.
  7. my bad my bad this cross joint got me too high and i suck with computers to begin with
  8. Well my good sir that is what we call in LA a cross joint. :smoke:
  9. I still believe you had help with this one minaul. were definatley toking a CJ next time we chill.
  10. im telling you the truth nikky tried then he fucked up so i started from scratch and rolled it perfect assmen
  11. word ... how'd you know what to do though i know i couldn't roll one without looking at a guide?
  12. im a G...ill show you next time
  13. In my opinion a cross J is a failure unless the smoke converges at a trifecta of joint smoking power.jk;)

    How did you handle the uneven burning anyway?

  14. I put the top one of the trifecta out untill the other two caught up then I lit it again
  15. nice cross jay son!

    that brought back good memories of 420 with my bros

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  16. nice...i smoked that j with one other kid and we were both baked...it was sum high middies i wish it was dank but o well
  17. nice haha but dont u think it gets insanely harsh wen u get to where the 2 js meet? i did
  18. yeah there was like tow hits i had that were pretty harsh but other than that it was real smooth
  19. wow bro, i envy that shit bad!

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