a soil mix for a very dry desert climate?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Oldschool OG Kushman, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I have Foxfarm ocean but was wondering what else I could add to the mix to help with the crazy heatwave thats about to hit. Thanks
  2. You want a light fluffy mix as it promotes fast root growth so I wouldn't really try to make the mix more dense.. To limit evaporation losses just mulch the top of the soil well..

  3. I've been told about cover crops such as squash. Because of the vines that grow out they help retain more water in the soil. Do you think that technique could be applied to these plants?
  4. Never heard of this I will look into it. Thanks for replies fellow blades
  5. Squash I don't think would be all that good as it likes to run along the ground for 10 or 20 feet to do best so I usually just toss a few handfuls of lawn clippings under my plants.. It's the one organic material I generate in big amounts.. 30 gallon can or better every week all year round.. I rake back the cover every week to apply my powdered malted barley grain dust and I'll toss a fresh handful of lawn clippings over it the next time the gardener mows.. (weekly)
    Every time I try and grow squash I spray more Green Cure on them fighting the Powdery Mildew then I spray on the cannabis.. Gave it up last year.. Just not worth the time invested.. Sticking to just the 5 Tomato plants we usually do..


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