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A smoke detector question....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrBicMan420, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So for those of you that read my previous topic you learned I just moved into my first apartment. It has a smoke detector pre-installed and I don't think it's legal to remove it. Now I can smoke my cigs in the house without it going off but my T-Break is finally coming to an end (After three months finally) and I am a little worried about it going off from the smoke of my medicine. What can I do? If anything?
  2. if u can smoke cigs no prob why would it go off when u smoke bud?
  3. Go for a drive/walk.
  4. It wont go off if you smoke bud. It will go off if you smoke resin or burn resin near it.
  5. It shouldnt but sit near an open window just incase and maybe have a fan running?
  6. You could open it up and put tape over the sensor module when you smoke, then remove the tape when you're done. Or if you can't open it just tape over all the holes on the outside.
  7. Get a vaporizer, and use a sploof. Better yet smoke in the bathroom with the fan on. Or you could do like we do at work from time to time, cover the smoke detector with a styrofoam bowl or something like that. Use a latter to set that up though, don't try and stand on a chair and fall and break your ass. :smoke:
  8. Open a window. You're fine.
  9. I smoked a joint in my little apt room with the windom open and I was fine.
  10. Why not just try it? Just fan the smoke away if it goes off, and go outside. :smoke:
  11. You should be fine unless you hotbox the room or smoke directly under it. Open a window, turn on a fan, enjoy!
  12. Had the same exact thing in my last apartment. I tried taking out the battery, but it was still wired into the building and was chirping for me to replace the battery. I put it back on and gave it a go. We smoked there for several months will absolutely no problem.
  13. Thanks guys hopefully my tbreak will end today if I can find some
    ganj and I'll try it it shouldn't be a problem though... Thanks guys!
  14. one time, while being an idiot, i smoke a joint directly under a fire alarm in a studio apartment with no windows or fans and the a/c was off. It worked out fine, so happy smoking!
  15. the only time i made my smoke alarm go off was standing on a chair blowing smoke at it...
    you should be fine
  16. Just don't smoke right under it.
  17. Shower cap over the smoke alarm if you're worried:D
  18. how can you smoke cigs but not bud?? should be ok to do it bro

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