a smell that could only be described as......

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  1. pure death!!

    i had neem oil delivered today! and a tiny bit had leeked and got on my finger and jesus christ no wonder the bugs run a fucking mile...my god!

    anyway, my question is, is it suppose to smell so bad and how much and what concentration do i use this godawful stuff at?? i just need to know basically how to apply neem oil to my plants for bug defence?


  2. Hahaha, thats hilarious.

    Yes, its usually pretty noxious shit. But well worth it.

    Sometime the smell varies from nothing to hte dead smell u have.
    It depends on how it is processed - and with what.

    Usually, weekly application is adequate.

    Is it a spray or a rub ???

    Rubs are usually more concentrated, hence, the stank.

    Whats the products name ???


  3. basically it was sold to me as a skincare product? but it said it was 100%organic pure neem oil nothing else so i got 100mls in a little brown bottle. i assumed id have to put x amount in with y amount of water in a spray bottle but i dont know

    ...i could get a pic up if u need??? thanks freak
  4. Im a noob, but I have battled mites with neem. Yes, it smells like shit. I think thats part of the charm of neem. If you hate it, then they hate it too.

    I usually mix a gallon at a time and once mixed, you cant shelve it. Use it and then then use whatever is left and spray around the plant, in cracks, heck everywhere around your plants. They love to hide in dark cool places.

    Read the instructions, they tell you how much to use. I use a tbspn per gallon. First I put the neem bottle under warm water (its easier to mix). Then I mix it all up with a dab of unscented dish soap and warm water (not hot). The soap helps it stick to the plant leaves.

    After all that, mix it well. It should look like cloudy milk. If it still feels warm, let it sit a bit, you dont want to put hot water on your girls.

    The most important part is to spray under the leaves and make sure you get each leaf. All it takes is for one survivor to repopulate.

    But wait, your not done. That just kills the adults. In 3 days you need to go back and spray again to get the hatch-lings. They hatch in 3 days. Do it at night when its cooler.

    Now you gotta be careful with this stuff. It can clog your leaves pores, so resist and dont use too much neem in your mix.

    Some people go back and mist the leaves with water, I did once and then thought about it. I just washed off the neem. :( Now I leave it on.

    Some say to use Doktor Doom, others say pyrethrum. but since you asked about neem, I chimed in. For extra protection, I have also used a no pest strip and that has helped me with mites and other pests.

    From then on its a "preventative" battle. I still spray my girls once a week. I spray a very strong mix around the plants, my greenhouse and even outside even if I dont see any. I read posts about people who try to battle them a few days before harvest. I know that even if it kills them, your smoking dead mites. YUCK.

    I would also read Freakbro's sticky: He knows his pests.
  5. LOL, the pest master FREAKBRO chimed in while I was typing. Listen to him.
  6. is it safe to use this on flowering plants?. i have two plants at the minute. one 14 days into 12/12. the other three days in to 12/12 so theres no bud so to speak yet.??
  7. All this aside, my bros and sis's...........

    Dont use any Neem product that is designed as a skin care product.

    It has been processed with different additives and is most likely not a good
    idea for our beloved plants.

    Please stick to products that are specifically designed for plants :).

  8. i would of done if there had been any . i couldnt find any on ebaycouk but this one

    looks like ill have to get something else:(

    all that aside, who in gods green wide world would put that stuff on their SKIN, on themselves??? omg i hope one of those freaks dont come near me with that for perfume!!!
  9. Ewwww. I cant believe people put neem on themselves as a skin enhancer.

    But I guess women will try anything to look younger.
  10. magic, thankyou........which colour strips should i get. so far ive only found some yellow ones, are these ok. im trying to just buy off of ebay so im working within certain paramaters.

    VAPONA Sticky Insect Strips - 7 Strips Double Sided | eBay

  11. Smells like pickles and shit...or pickled shit....to my nose anyway.
  12. i went ahead and ordered those vapona strips.dont suppose they ca do any harm!

  13. Yes, Vapona strips can do harm.

    Especially if theyre in a small space that we like to be tinkering around in.
    They can also be harmful for pets.

    They are best used in large spaces and high up for flies imo.

    Just get a mix of yellow and blue sticky pest strips.
    They are just as effective, as bugz love yellow and blue :).

  14. oh man, im not having much luck here at all. thats two worthless purchases so far of some skincare neem and now these vapona things. well......im at a loss. they just dont seem to sell them here like they do in the u.s, maybe cos we dont have nearly as many bugs here??
    what about if i put those vapona nowhere near the growroom just to control any flies elsewhere around the house that might venture in. i have no pets so thats not an issue.

    im going to go have another look for some sticky strips.
    its a good job its in my nature to ask shit, otherwise if it wasnt for being informed by freak on this thread i'd have sprayed my plants with skincare neem oil and hung up poisinous pest strips round my girls

  15. There has to be a hydro store that delivers to the UK. Thats where you are right?

  16. thers plenty but thet all have a 6 pound delivery flat charge, im not paying six pound for dleivery for a few strips lol......plus i honestly havnt found them on any hydro stores ive looked on yet otherwise i'd have added them to a previous order. are there any particular brands i can search for, i think that'll aid my search
  17. Bordeaux Mixture Treat Fruit & Veg Leaf Disease 175g | eBay

    freak, whats this stuff got to say for itself with regards to powdery mildew?. i got a bit of a problem with a lil bit on my leaves. whats my best plan of action

    sorry to bombard with all these questions but it seems ive been hit with loads of problems at once, never rains eh........

  18. I feel for you. I went to our local Lowe's and found it quick. Hell even my local hydro store has several brands and other mite cures.

    Listen to freak. He knows his pest and remedies well enough to give you brands. I only tried one and it works for me. Safer brand.

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