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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blueovergray, May 16, 2010.

  1. Ok I built a grow cabinet out of a dresser. The space I have to work with is 32"Wide by 20"Deep and the cabinet is only 32" tall. So with light(CFL) and pot allow plants to be around 16". I was planning on doing a mini grow of six small plants. Do I have room for 6? I know that seems like a lot but if they are small will it work? How many could I fit in my space? I will be using one 200w 6500K CFL for veg and a 300w 3000K for flowering(I'm pretty sure this is adequate if not tell me). I have a 4.5" axial fan and a passive intake with screen over it to prevent bug infestation. I will be using roots organic soil and growing blueberry haze freebies I just want to know the stuff that comes from experience(which I do not have) Like...How many plants can I grow in my space? Would it be better to grow a smaller number of larger plants or larger number of smaller? How Big does my final pot have to be to support my finished plants roots?

    Also there was some movie with ben stiller on TBS and right before commercial Danny McBride made a reference to weed as the devil's lettuce and it was really funny.
  2. I wanna say that you want to use 2-2.5 gallons of dirt for your final pots since you have hight problems. Using a single CFL will not work for more than one plant no matter high many watt it is. you want CFL's to be around 2 inches from the plant. Hard to get a single bulb to be within a couple inches of 6 plants. I would personally go with 4 26 watt CFLs per plant.

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