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A Slide of the Tongue, As the Seas Empty. So I Gasp, and Hold My Breath.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone have any anxiety cures? Its my 3rd day into my T-Break and Im having some serious anxiety.

    Last time I felt like this I took 2 bong rips and ended up throwing up from my anxiety.

    Doesnt a tea spoon of honey and a tea spoon of vinegar numb the anxiety?:smoke:
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    I have slight anxiety. But the thing that really helps me is to just imagine you're in your own world. It helps me so much because people are always staring at me all of a sudden.
  3. have you tried meditation?

    works well my brutha.
  4. Don't know how!
    But I will be open for anything!

    I will be using this method right now though

    For a racing heart rate associated with anxiety, stir 1 teaspoon honey and a pinch of nutmeg into 1 cup orange juice and drink.
  5. Just keep yourself entertained. I am an everyday toker but recently i cant get any good bud so i keep my mind ocupied, i think it really helps with my anxiety.
  6. Hey blood honestly i dont know if that teaspoon thing works. but even if it scientifically doesnt work tell yourself that it does and the placebo affect will kick in. also what are you having anxiety attacks about? if your having them frequently go buy some xanax(bars) or some planks. they are 5 bucks a pill and youll be VERY mellow
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    I'm stressing over meeting this girl, we have been dating almost 2 years but only met once, and I was poisoned by the restaurant we ate at and ended up throwing up half cooked octopus on our first date.

    I just want everything to be perfect you know? She should be here in about an hour.
  8. Best of luck
  9. if you have bud forget the t break for a day and smoke a very small bowl enough to feel good but not be so blazed you wont remember anything and youll laugh everywhere. also dont be nervous if you guys have been dating for 2 years then she wont just be like "OMG YOU GAVE HER A 14% TIP IM DUMPING YOU!" everything will be fine dude. just relax and know that no date is perfect nd if you stress over everything being perfect you might end up messing it up s relax and enjoy thee date but dont be all freaked over every little thing
  10. trust me, that unmentionable (rhymes with manax) will help on that date lol. That stuff makes me 100% fearless and uninhibited in the same fashion as alcohol minus all the uncoordination.
  11. Talk to yourself. You're already on the right path, realizing you have anxiety and are freaking out. Just be like "*name here* chill out man. You don't like this feeling so why let it get worse? F*ck the world, ima just be me and enjoy MY life. F*ck you anxiety....f*ck you."

    Ha ha idk talking to myself and praying always helps me.

  12. Dated for two years but only met once?

  13. #13 BloodLust, Aug 4, 2011
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    I have to say my anxiety was making me subconsciously hold my breath, creating a imbalance of CO2 and O2, which makes the feeling of anxiety slam into as well as heart palpitations.
    I had to focus on my breathing to make sure I balanced it, I guess I was going from hyperventilating to holding my breath without even realizing it.

    Anyway I got up went, turned on the shower and sat next to my shower and just listened to the white noise. That always helps me calm down, I am now just sitting here 90% anxiety free.

    And @ the orange juice thing, it was on the discovery health website so it should at least have some kind of medical backing.

    Long distance relationship man, we are going to move into an apartment together in about a year, she is moving down here so we can see each other more. & no neither of us are ugly lol, I just don't like the girls in my area. I like her:]
  14. I have bad anxiety too. Usually it only happens if I'm in trouble of getting caught. Solution? Smoke in a situation where there's no way to get caught.
  15. Anyone want an update on the 6 hour date?
  16. #17 BloodLust, Aug 5, 2011
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    Okay like I said it ended at about 6 hours.

    2:15: local park by a river, cuddling by a babbling brook type deal

    2:45 moved to different area of park by a cold water spring, made out for about and hour

    3:00 drove to one of a local business's many usually abandoned parking lots (but it had a security guard) I timed it perfectly for the guard to be on break(I felt like a spy)

    3:10-4:20 doing the deed;) lots of fun, Blow Job, hand job, etc

    4:20-4:45 cooled off, cleaned up got dried off and went to the movies

    4:45-6:30 watched cowboys vs aliens and fingered her through about half of the movie

    6:30-7:45 walked a little trail through the woods

    7:45-8:30 ate dinner and dropped her off at motel.

    Success. Because of my ADHD pills after eating I got pretty nauseas and took her home so I wouldn't throw up in front of her for a 2nd date in a row(food poisoning last time)

    For a 2nd date not too bad.
  17. whew for a second there i thought she was gonna be a chick with a dick. but she wasnt so alls good you cunt destroyer.
  18. #19 BloodLust, Aug 5, 2011
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    Don't worry I took her out again today, and got into a car crash an hour into it. Sweet right? I should write a book on how to fuck up a date 101

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